The Importance of Link Building for SEO Strategies

Link building should be an important part of your SEO strategy if you want to be successful in promoting your website to the front page of Google. Link building is the process of getting links to your site published on other sites. The tricky part is that you can’t just get your site linked from as many different places as possible. You need to get links from the right places in order for link building to be an effective strategy.

Why is link building important?

Google’s algorithm for determining search rankings is constantly evolving. The aim of this evolution is to make sure that people using Google are getting the most relevant answers to the questions they ask. After all, if a search engine can’t accurately answer your question you aren’t going to continue using it for long.

In order for link building to be successful, your links must come from high authority, relevant and good quality sites. Basically, if someone who Google already trusts is recommending you, Google will be more likely to trust you as a result. If you were to get your site linked from a lot of sites that weren’t relevant to your industry, or were low quality, then this wouldn’t do you any favors. In fact, it might even make you slip down the rankings

 If you can get your link building strategy right, the benefits are:

     Greater visibility of your page in search results.

     Traffic from the websites that have linked to you (this is why relevance is important – if your site isn’t of interest to the readers of the site you are linked from, they won’t click the link).

     Your site overall will be viewed as higher quality by Google, which further improves your ranking.

How do you design a link-building strategy?

To build an effective link building strategy the most important thing is that you have good quality content. Once you have that, you can not only promote your content knowing that people will want to read it, but people will actually want to backlink to your site from theirs making it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

So how do you find sites to link back to yours? This is the tricky part. You will generally need to build relationships with the owners of other websites in order to get them to link back to yours, and they can’t just be any websites, they have to be sites that are relevant to your industry. A lot of people enlist the help of a social media agency like to do this work for them, as agencies already have relationships with website owners from a multitude of industries and the knowledge about which sites will be an effective backlink candidate for you.

How will link building improve your business?

If you get your link-building strategy right, you will appear higher in the search rankings for your industry, which means more visitors to your site. You will also find that your site is trusted more not only by Google, but by your customers as well. If you are being mentioned by other brands that are trusted, this immediately makes you more trusted as well.

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