How to Create a YouTube Intro with Online Video Maker

Are you trying to create a great YouTube video? If so, making an introduction is essential to keep the viewers hooked to your videos. Moreover, an online video is a powerful marketing tool, but you need to know its ins and outs to maximize its potential. However, cost management is one of the critical factors in planning video marketing strategies. 

If you know how to produce a good-quality video for free, you can manage your costs better. It means you don’t need to hire a professional video maker, and you can use your existing resources to create an interactive yet cool YouTube intro. Thus, this video maker can act as the best online video maker tool for you in providing qualitative and low-budget intro videos.

What Is An YouTube intro Video?

A YouTube intro is a short clip with a length between 5 and 7 seconds featuring your logo or brand’s name. Its motto is to tell your viewers about the brand name and services you can offer. Similar to the intro and outro, the ending clip is also crucial. Whether you hire a professional or make it with the help of an online video maker, below are the critical steps to consider for a great intro video.

Keep It Straight 

Firstly, ensure the starting clip is clear and straightforward; You may risk losing your viewers at the start of the video if not doing so. Thus, put all the crucial information in the initial 5 to 7 seconds. 


The length of the video is another crucial factor. Please do not keep the YouTube intro longer than 7 seconds because your viewers wish to see the actual content. 


Special Effects And Animations 

Ideally, you should make a simple video. However, using some of the special effects when required makes your video attractive. Ensure not to use too much flash as it might annoy your viewers while forcing them to stop watching your videos altogether.


Though the audio makes a video more entertaining, use music or audio clips. You can also use royalty-free audio or music. 

Tease Your Viewers 

If you produce video blogs regularly, include your youTube a couple of seconds into the actual video. In the first few seconds, mention the actual video content to inform the viewers about the topic. Then fit the YouTube intro along with the rest of the content.

Define Your Market

Generally, most people overlook defining their market when embarking on an online video promotion. However, for each specific video, you need to narrow down your reach. Because a video has certain requirements to determine its success, you can either hire a good video production firm to help you narrow down your ideas or do a survey by yourself. Once you figure out the audience you want to reach, it becomes far easier to focus on what messages you want to convey.

Determine Your Budget 

In today’s production world, virtually anything is possible. Movie quality cameras and post-production facilities are more accessible today than ever. Though production costs have come down quite a bit in the past few years, you still need to carefully develop a production budget to set yourself up for successful online engagement. So, determine your budget at the earliest. Keep in mind; you want to offer the best content to your audience whilst maintaining a nominal budget. 

 Find The Right Tools. 

While determining your budget and target audience will help you narrow down the field, finding the right equipment is another crucial step in developing successful video content. 

Using the latest equipment and current online editing tools will yield the best audio and visual quality. So, to conveniently display your work on YouTube, you must either possess a computer and webcam or a good smartphone along with a good internet connection. If you already have these, you have zero equipment cost. 

 Find The Right Tools.

 Video Creation Software

There exist various video creation software, which you can download and use for free. Depending on the type of video you want to create, you can choose your online video maker. 

Primarily, three video styles; Presentation, Screencasts, and Talking Head, are popular. 

  • For Video Presentations, use the latest PowerPoint version. Ensure you choose a program that allows you to control the movement of the slides or move the video forward or backward as you discuss your presentation. 
  • Screencasts are the preferred style in “how-to” videos and videos showing solutions to problems. 
  • To create Talking Head Videos, record the images and audio from your webcam or mobile camera. To make your video more enjoyable, add props or graphics to highlight essential points in your presentation. Just smile and talk. Do not forget your performance.

Video Editing Software

Editing your videos to make them fit your idea in the shortest possible time is crucial. However, make sure you follow the below steps: 

  •  Add appropriate text, graphics, and audio music to create compelling material for online video marketing. 
  • Mention your name, company name, or website, but be careful to not alienate your audience with over-exposure of information. 
  •  Add music to call the attention of your viewers, but turn it low when necessary to avoid distraction. 
  •  Emphasize your Call to Action with context to make it impactful to prevent any confusion regarding sharing information. You can even search for more online video makers.  
Video Editing Software

Market Your Videos

Last but least is how you market your video. Social networking sites, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are the most convenient way. Make sure you also have a video section or an area on the homepage of your website where visitors can view your latest video. 

The idea is to create as many opportunities as you can where people may come across your content. Getting the word out about a video is not easy. However, if you use all the available avenues, you should begin to see results relatively quickly. 

To Conclude On Online Video Maker

In conclusion, nowadays, YouTube is a vast platform to showcase your talent to the world. Also, once you reach a certain level of success, you can get a good source of income as well. However, using an online video maker such as  flexclip can ease your task while taking care of your budget. No wonder you can implement many video marketing tactics if you produce your videos at zero cost.

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