Today, a significant number of people are listening to youtube podcast daily. The reason youtube podcasts are trending now more so than ever is that it is easily understandable. Everyone has a busy schedule nowadays; people don’t have time to sit and read articles or watch lengthy videos. Instead, they prefer listening to a podcast while exercising, cooking, or driving. youtube Podcasts helps you educate, inspire, entertain, or even connect you to your audience.

It is a good practice to upload a podcast on your website; however, you need to step up your game to gain a larger audience. Your podcast must be accessible on multiple platforms, so why not begin your podcasting on YouTube? It is the biggest podcasting platform due to its potential for greater reach and monetization.


Since YouTube only allows files in the form of videos, your podcast must contain some video clip elements. Below are some of the ways that can help you to produce and upload a podcast to YouTube:

Convert audio into video

You can convert your audio file into a video and add a static graphic in the background. Though chances are your audience may bounce from your podcast within the first few minutes because of your dull static image. So what could you do to hold your audience’s attention till the end of your podcast? Make use of audiograms for your podcast. Audiograms are short audio files that you can convert into a video by adding your audio clip, a waveform, and transcription.

Use your webcam

If you wish to go the extra mile, then recording your podcast on a webcam is the right choice. It is the type of configuration in which you would not need to have additional equipment. All you need is insert a headphone into your device and start the webcam installed on your computer. In this way, you can talk and show images while presenting your podcast. Another option is to go for a vlog type to take short breaks between the video and omit the mistakes later. With this technique, you can feel more connected with your audience.

Use external cameras

Another smart yet cost-effective method is to set up your cell phone camera and start recording. Although, you would require a tripod stand to keep your smartphone camera steady. However, the bright side is the camera tripod does not have to be expensive. While doing so, you can take several attempts to present your video and decide to edit it afterward. Moreover, this method allows you to film your podcast without going through the hassle of finding a studio. Just make sure that the place you choose looks decent and clean.

Screen record your guest’s interviews

You are more likely to conduct interviews remotely using tools such as Zoom, Skype, or any other. In that case, capturing the screen of you and your guest would be the best option. Using this method, you will have a split-screen video that is easy to upload on YouTube. One benefit of screen capturing is you can film your whole episode in one go. However, it also means you and your guest would need some time for preparation before recording.

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After deciding to cast a video podcast for YouTube, you might wonder what the need for it is? Why should one bother recording the video? Here is the answer. YouTube is one of the most leading video search engines and has a considerable amount of audience. By sharing your podcast on YouTube, you can have access to this massive audience. The following are some tips to grow your audience for YouTube podcast:

Use shorter clips

Are you thinking to record and publish your full-length podcast episodes on YouTube at once? Then maybe you are wrong! Promoting short snippets of each episode can help you grow and retain your audience. Your users are more likely interested in downloading and sharing shorter clips rather than complete episodes. Your snippets must include the attention-grabbing section of your podcast. It will tempt the audience to download your episode in their podcast listening app.

Use call-to-action 

You attract your audience, and they watch your podcasts on YouTube, but then what? You don’t want to put a stop to it. Here Call-to-action practice comes into play. The podcast doesn’t have to be one-way communication. Allowing comments sections helps you engage and interact with your users. It is a great way to find real-time feedback from the audience.

Optimize YouTube SEO

Like other search engines, you can apply SEO strategies on YouTube to appear on the top results. One essential tip is to insert keywords in the title and description of your video. Don’t forget to add appropriate tags while sharing since YouTube wants to rank the best results for its audience.

Add closed captions

Another effective way to establish and retain an audience is to add closed captions to your podcasts. You can add dialogues or any other useful information to your transcription. Adding captions to your podcasts attracts user attention and, at the same time, boosts your SEO. Also, people with hearing disabilities find it easy to understand your podcasts.

Use attractive thumbnails

Creating attractive thumbnails can grab the attention of a larger audience, enticing them to click on your video. It will improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and overall ranking. Use the following tips to create a compelling and attractive thumbnail:

  • Use high-quality images and complementary colors to create an appropriate contrast.
  • Add your face to the thumbnail to make a connection with the audience.
  • Create a catchy title that is related to your video.

Share on social media:

Many people think that uploading a video is the final step. However, if you want to increase your audience, you need to make an extra effort. Create accounts on social media platforms and share your youtube podcast. You can also choose the idea of email marketing and email the link to your podcast. Ask people to like and comment to increase engagement.

Avail YouTube analytics

Do you want to know about your audience preferences? Podcasters can use YouTube analytics and find out about their point of view, how long they watch a single episode. You can leverage these details to build a relationship with your audience.


Do you think you have got what it takes to start a YouTube podcast? Filming a podcast for a YouTube channel does not have to be complicated. You need to make sure that you have all the resources available to keep your content high-quality and engaging. The more efforts and time you put into this, the better the results will be.

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