Can You Use Promotional Products When Marketing on Social Media?

In the early 2010s, social media was merely a tool for interacting with friends and relatives around the world. Today’s social media covers a variety of posts, snaps, tweets, and videos that can be shared millions of times. Businesses quickly realized that advertising on social media was going to help them with their profits and exposure to a new client base. Today, over 90% of successful businesses advertise on social media. In fact, businesses use a wide variety of social media apps to market their businesses, because social media has boomed from one or two apps to dozens of apps with millions of subscribers per app. The relatively inexpensive to advertise on social media platforms can really help you boost your business to the next level without spending a fortune on advertising. 

Businesses that use all of the social media marketing tools may think they don’t need to use promotional products in order to expand their business reach. However, it is important for businesses to package promotions with their social media platforms. Here are some ways you can still use promotional products as the in-person face of your business in addition to social media marketing. 

What Types of Promotional Products Should I Offer to Prospective Clients?

When you are thinking about what products to send out, you need to think about products that are easy to mail or ship. That way, you don’t spend excessive amounts of money on shipping costs for promotional product placement. 

Writing Utensils

One idea that is easy to ship are custom pens and pencils. You can imprint pens or pencils with your company name or company logo. Pens are especially valued in the business world, because everyone is always looking for a pen to work with, and they are never around. A good pen will remain on your prospective client’s desk for a while, which means you have name exposure for months. You can show off the pens in various locations in your business for your social media marketing campaign. You may want to show your pens in various areas around town as well as part of a marketing strategy. 

Stickers and Logos

Another promotional product you may want to think about are stickers. Stickers have become an extremely popular way to market a business. Because stickers are thin and light, they are easy to stick in an envelope and ship. Stickers are one way people personalize their computers, tablets and phones, so what better way to advertise your business on social media than through using stickers? If you choose to use stickers as part of your promotion, you’ll want to make them attractive to prospective clients. For example, if you own a flower shop, your stickers should be flower-shaped. If you are a mechanic, your stickers should be shaped like an engine. You can really play up stickers on a social media campaign by asking customers to tag you in their sticker photos for a chance at a prize. 

Don’t Forget the Gadget Crowd

Not sure what else you can advertise on social media and use as a promotional product? You may want to try some technology. There are all kinds of technological products you could use to advertise your business. You may want to try putting your logo on USB charging cables for phones, phone cases and even phone popsocket, that allows people to have a better grip on their phones. All of these promotional products are easy to make and ship. You might even want to think about solar phone chargers with your logo. Not only are these environmentally friendly and trendy, but the price per item continues to decrease. You could have a great social media campaign with promotional products that use technology, and if they are friendly to the environment, so much the better. 

When you are thinking about using promotional products with your social media campaign, you need to keep the following points in mind. First, you’ll want to tease your new promotional product for a few days before you roll it out. That way, you build up customer anticipation for your new promotional product and your business. Second, make sure your promotional product says something about what kind of business you’re in. A catchy logo and custom graphic are great ways to get noticed. Third, once your promotional product is out there, you need to promote it on all of your social media platforms for great saturation of the market. You could choose from posting on each social media app all at once, or stagger the postings throughout the day. Pairing social media with promotional products is a great way to move your business forward. 


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