10 Super Shooting Games Similar to Player’s Unknown Battleground

PUBG is undoubtedly the greatest hits among casual and mobile gamers. With outstanding graphics, easy controls, and immersive gaming experience, there is absolute unmatched gameplay that wraps the senses of gamers across the globe. Well, the game is already played on smartphones and is now available on PC too, like the website Gamenvoy reported. However, there is another similar sort of game that people don’t want to miss out on. These shooting games were unknown at the moment the post was written. However, soon you will be familiar to each of them. So, the list of top ten shooting games includes. Take a look! 

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty the popular war game is back again. Now, the game is launched for mobile gamers with rising anticipation for shooting games. Soon hitting the app store, the game made news on platforms and is rose to popularity with innumerable reviews from gaming lovers around the world. Much like the PUBG, the game can be played in multiplayer mode and has a variety of different modes. Graphics are superb and characters are customizable to suit the players.  

2. Cover Fire 

Cover Fire

Another gaming freak for players is cover fire. The game is available for playing on the Smartphone. With so much in line, the game throws tough competition to other games in this league. Players can immerse in stunning graphics, coupled with challenging environment. The game is all about survival skills to protect you from the other players or zombies. As the game progresses, you can unlock new guns and chapters. Plus, the effortless control of the game take the gaming experience to a whole new level. 

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

The remarkable clone version of PUBG offers a much better experience than the PUBG game itself. In the game, you can land anywhere on the map with 10 minutes in hand to survive in the safest zone. With a unique character system, you can choose the perfect character to finish your enemy and eventually turn out to be a winner. Unlike, PUBG game where there are 100 players, you can play this game with 50 players. The characters and graphics are utterly realistic which makes the experience memorable and appealing to the player.

4. Modern Strike

Modern Strike

Developed by Azure interactive, the game set foot in dynamic gameplay to finish the terrorist on the other side, hidden behind backdoors. The epic combat with heavily armed terrorists will give you ultimate experience while you sink into realistic graphics and dangerous gameplay. Players get daily rewards to upgrade their gameplay experience; it has 50 weapons, 14 unique maps, 7 combat modes and much more to be unlocked.   

5. World War Heroes

Another game by Azure interactive, the game takes you to epic wars fought between nations. The gameplay features wars in World War 2 and how army men destroy the enemy and survive through the dangerous scenarios that can almost take any man down. With 7 legendry battle zones, 4 types of combat equipment, 6 game mode, and 57 unique weapons enjoy the hardcore battle and take players head to head to appear as the winner from the deathmatch. 

6. Critical OPS

Critical OPS

Critical Ops is the game that tests your true reflex skills and polishes your tactical skills to a whole new level. When you play the game, the entire outcome of the game is how you plan your strategy and collate with other members of the squad to master the competitive skills in the most challenging battle. There are a variety of weapons and maps that can learn and evolve as a much better intense PVP battle. Besides, you have all to lose and everything to win the most epic fight to establish your stellar saga of legendry action. 

7. Warface

Take your gun and prepare for the redemption in next generation battle gameplay. Warface is all the elements to deliver the best shooting experience on mobile. From intuitive controls, fascinating graphics, and fast pace gameplay, you have all the compound factors to create an ultimate gameplay and thrilling experience. The game allows you to customize characters and have tons of guns. Plus, the perfectly designed maps are top notch in all respect. So, grab your guns and get inspired to enjoy the unrivalled gaming experience on mobile 

8. Yalghaar: Delta IGI

yalgar shooting game

Leverage your shooting skills to finish off your enemies in style. Equip with solid weapons that are as powerful as real guns. Go on the adventure of a secret mission to wipe off enemies in action-packed gameplay to rescue hostages, neutralize attacks, and commit the desperate military actions. The graphics are beautifully crafted which look utmost similar to 2D effects. Master skills of stealth, killing enemies, and counter-terrorist, The most brilliant part of the game is this unlike other Shooting games, it is completely offline, so you don’t have to worry about the network problems ruining your entire gameplay events. 

9. Call of Fury – Global Counter Strike Black Ops

call of fury

Another game inspired by the rage of a war zone. In Call of fury shooting games, prepare to take enemies one on one in the super war that is a chain of world war. In the incredible journey, you could witness the full-fledged veteran civil war that is surrounded by thugs and gangsters. Coupled with great music and sound effects, the game will step into a major challenge that you have to tackle using modern weapons and super skills. The graphics are high quality with the game goes in offline mode. 

10. Critical Black Ops Impossible Mission 2020

Critical Black Ops Impossible Mission 2020

Another first-person shooter game on our list, Critical black ops enchant everyone with its unique graphics and superb gaming experience. The part that sets it apart from other Shooting games in this league is smooth game controls, animations, graphics, and its amazing sound effects. Most of all it is completely free to play, and you don’t end up killing with frustration and boozing intense emotions to never finish the game.

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