5 Latest Trends in Mobile Apps

In today’s digitalized era, the Trends in Mobile Apps industry is gaining an incredible grip in all spheres of life and has become a vital part of the digital eco-system. Research from Statista shows that mobile apps will generate a revenue of $81.0 billion by the end of 2020. 

Seeing the power of mobile apps to lift brands towards the sky, a lot of entrepreneurs are trying to gain maximum benefits. Mobile users, entrepreneurs, app developers, and web and mobile app development companies are responsible for this everlasting evolution in the mobile app industry. 

Since mobile apps are evolving with the speed of light, it’s worth noticing that only cutting-edge and engaging apps will survive in the future. 

Blooming of Mobile Apps in Recent Years 

2020 will be an exciting year for mobile applications that has brought with itself a bundle of innovations. The instantly thriving mobile app development companies came to existence due to the increasing smartphone users. Seeing massive investments in the mobile app industry by several tech giants, small companies are increasingly showing interest in mobile apps. 

Therefore, staying updated with the latest mobile app trends is indeed the vital aspect to stiff our feet in this fierce mobile app competition. 

Here is the list of the top hottest mobile app trends to follow this year:

Cloud- Crucial Element for Future Mobile Apps 

Tech world is opening up immense new possibilities of Cloud, and cloud-based mobile apps are among them. Today, app developers are solving a lot of security-related issues using cloud services, making mobile apps more reliable, fast, and secure. 

Besides this, cloud technologies such as AWS, Dropbox, and Slide Rocket have enabled powerful mobile apps that can run directly on the Cloud. Streamlining all the business operations, enhancing the loading capacity, and reducing the cost of hosting are a few examples of cloud services. 

Future Trends Of Cloud 

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Quantum Computing
  • Evolution of Cloud Services and Solutions

The Era of IoT has Just Started  

The Internet of Things has now become an industry that is evolving to be smarter than ever. Things are forecasted to mark high in the upcoming future. 

IoT has proved to be a boon in many sectors, such as e-commerce, transportation, healthcare, and many others. Plus, e-commerce and education sectors are making the most use of it. IoT mobile apps have made people capable of controlling non-IT things using remote controls. 

Future Trends of IoT

  • Healthcare Sectors
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Smart Homes 
  • Routers to Incorporate More Security 

Machine learning and AI in Mobile Apps – Here the Tech Wonders Begin

Time and tech have filled the gap between machines and humans. Today, machines can learn by themselves, thereby reducing the human efforts required to code the programs. AI has gained tremendous popularity in easing and cheering up the lives of people with its solutions. Moreover, merging AI with machine learning produces wonders in tech.

Future Trends 

  • Interoperability among Neural Systems  
  • AI-Enabled Chips 
  • Automated Machine Learning 

Blockchain Technology 

Since its arrival, blockchain technology is opening up some new doors for the IT sector. Reshaping mobile app development, this technology will be used in mobile apps for tracking, enhancing security, and in quality controls. Several payment apps have started to use blockchain technology to ensure fast and secure transactions. 

Facilitating various crucial sectors, this technology will remain as a drift in mobile app development in the coming years with more to come next. In 2018, blockchain was used in creating cryptocurrencies but the 

Future Trends 

  • Gaming and Crypto Space 
  • Exchange of Cryptocurrencies 
  • Blockchain as a Service 
  • Tokenization of Asset 

Incorporation of AR/VR in Mobile Apps – A Game-Changing Technology  

Not mentioning AR and VR technologies in the latest trends of mobile apps will leave this list of trends incomplete. The beauty with the AR/VR mobile apps is that it makes the user experience more interactive. 

AR/VR based mobile apps seem to dominant the Play Stores and App Stores, and people’s thirst for this innovation is not quenching anyhow.  Doors for opportunities, creativity, and innovation continue to open for the developers as they continue to explore what this technology can bring out.  

Future Trends 

  • In Marketing & Advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Beacon Technology 

The future of mobile apps using beacon technology seems very promising. Serving as a bridge between users and companies, various sectors such as hotels and health care have started to incorporate beacon into their mobile apps.

Some beacon-enabled sectors are as follows;

  • Mobile Payment Beacons 
  • Beacon in Tourism 
  • Beacon in Healthcare 


There is no imagination of the mobile apps’ future without implementing accelerated mobile pages.  Promising to stay among the top tech trends, the open-source HTML framework will embrace a remarkable evolution in mobile app development. The ultimate solution to create web pages with fast loading and delivering excellent user experience. Used by global platforms like Twitter, Bing, and Google, AMP will offer immense benefits to both developers and enterprises. 

These benefits include;

  • Reduced Server Loading Time
  • Boosts the Loading Speed of Website 
  • Enhance Mobile SEO 
  • Enhances the Engagement Factor 
  • Allows the Pages to Load Instantly 

App Security Will Become More Robust

Apple and Google have always come up to providing the apps with an uncompromising security feature. But, the rapid tech innovations have made the app security the most prominent concern for both the app developers and users.  

Currently, around 100 mobile apps in the Play Store or Google App store have been hacked.  Therefore, tech giants such as Apple and Google have shifted their focus towards ensuring robust app security. Cyber-security will be the primary concern for app developers, and they are going to deliver robust security against phishing, hacking, and all illegal things. 

5G Wireless Technologies Will Pick Up the Pace

With the increased use of smartphones in this tech and innovative era, 5G will revolutionize the whole mobile app world. The game-changing wireless technology will be aroused with the promise to strengthen mobile connectivity, fast speed, lower latency, and improving responsiveness. Going ahead, 5G technology will help the developers to discover and build new apps with a more personalized user experience. Businesses like Samsung and Verizon have already started working on launching 5G capable chips. 

Apart from providing faster speed, here are some functionalities that 5G technology will offer 

  • Data Security
  • Augmented Reality 
  • 3D Gaming 

Get Top-Notch Mobile Apps

Keeping updated with the latest technologies and mobile trends has become the game of survival. The one delivering wow results to the customers will only stay in the competition. 

Analyzing and incorporating these trends while developing your mobile apps is a big jump. But you need to partner with a reliable web and mobile app development company. And it’s not about just building mobile apps, but about building success

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