Top Magento Cash On Delivery Extensions In Pakistan for E-commerce

Magento is known to be by far the most scalable e-commerce platform in Pakistan. Having decent hosting, it can handle thousands and thousands of products and orders with incredible ease. For truly huge stores there’s even more powerful Magento Enterprise Edition all these make Magento a perfect choice for a middle and big sized online retailer. For better productivity, Magento 2 cash on delivery extensions are required to extend business processes.

Biggest Revenue Generated Magento Stores List In Pakistan:

  • (Online Groceries, Beauty, Fashion, Electronics & More).
  • (Cash on Delivery of all daily life products).
  • (Store for grocery in Pakistan, buy online).

Reason To Choose Magento 2 E-commerce Platform:

Magento accounted for approximately thirty percent of the total market share last year in 2020. Also 155 billion dollars worth of goods had sold through Magento based systems. Alone today a platform source code has been downloaded more than two and a half million times. This E-commerce platform increasing consistently by 100,000 stores using Magento technology. These businesses including all Small to medium, business to business and even MNC’s. Some of these include coca-cola Nike Ford and Warby Parker, just to name a few these are giant dominant multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies putting their trust in Magento to run their online businesses. So, if Magento serves these types of companies, you can imagine the extent of their feature’s customization options and scalability potential.

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce CMS platforms at the moment. An open source is a software in which the source code is release under a license, where users are allow the right to enhance alter and modify this code in any way they see fit. Because to meet their needs and simple terms it’s essentially free code. Pretty cool huh? E-commerce software is allow by the commercial transactions to be conduct electronically, in other words, an application use to sell products and services online by Magento 2 cash on delivery extension. CMS is an application use to manage all content related to a product or service in one central location so there you have it Magento is an open-source e-commerce content management system.

Best Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extensions For E-commerce:

We recently discovered Cash on Delivery Extension in Pakistan after a long research journey. These COD extensions are for the shipping of your products. That integrates with your Magento store. They allow you to book all of your shipments online through the Magento panel. Further, they allow us to choose from and book a variety of couriers and delivery options available on the platform. Simply these extensions are integrated with your business store by Magento experts. Check out below the useful Magento 2 extensions.

Magento 2 TCS extension with COD and NON-COD support

Another very important cash on delivery extension is Magento 2 TCS Extension. It satisfies customers who’d have thought that shipping was so important for the customer experience. It has a lot of features like it integrates google maps, keep you synchronized with your product with the help of tracking number. Simply click the checkboxes and select book shipments from the drop-down menu. Then hit to submit button, once your booking made you will presented with the shipping labels to print and stick to your packages. Now the courier booked and will arrive from your store to the customer’s door. When your order made, an automatic confirmation email will sent from the Magento store to your customer with the tracking number.

Advanced Magento 2 Shipping Extension By Leopards Courier:

This COD extension is also very handy and reliable. If you own an online store then follow technology. Without chasing payments trust the credibility that Magento 2 LCS Extension offers. Its reliable cash on delivery direct service gets full and real-time online information on the delivery of your orders as well as all payments. Which will automatically be remitted to your bank account via electronic transfer with the safety reliability and technological advantage by one of the number-one courier company? 

Magento 2 Trax Logistics Extension:

Magento 2 Trax Logistics Extension saving heaps of admin time by automating many of the manual processes. Which will not mention to your customers, with some cool features like adding the shipping calculator to your store. when a customer comes to the store, they can check the shipping costs at product cart and checkout stages. Then enter their postcode and it automatically gives them an accurate quote to get their item to deliver to their house.


Magento used to be call enterprise and now goes by Commerce, will targeting more at larger e-commerce companies. Generally doing more than a million dollars a year online. To make better and make grow your store you should need Magento 2 cash on delivery extensions in Pakistan. We hope you found this information on Magento useful. If you did give, leave us your feedback and comments we’d love to hear from you.

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