5 Steps to a Catchy Bot Names – That Make People to Chat

Go back to your days as a kid. Everything you loved and had an attachment with probably had a name, from your favorite unicorn to your cycle. Research demonstrates there is great power in naming things. When you give an object a name, it creates a certain kind of emotional connection. This is mainly why virtual assistants and chatbots are given friendly and relatable names in the realms of technology and artificial intelligence.

Your chatbot name is the first thing a customer will notice on your chat window, and you wouldn’t surely want to compromise on it. Cold and generic names like Support Bot1 or Customer Support Assistant can lead to a bad user experience. Furthermore, names also impact customer choices. One quality study about the brand names claimed respondents were more likely to choose a brand that started with alphabets present in the names over other brands. This implies how chatbots are perceived is crucial in how a customer will eventually view and interact with your business.


There are numerous other remarkable reasons for giving your chatbot nicknames, so read on today’s comprehensive blog post to find out why bot naming must be an integral part of your conventional marketing strategy. By the end of this article, you’ll not only be ready to give a unique name to your chatbot but also learn how to provide it with a personality that reflects on your brand values.

Crucial Reasons For Giving Your Chatbot An Amazing Name

You’ve put considerable effort into creating a chatbot for your website or messenger. Your marketing team and you decided what your bot must look like and whether it should be she or he! The next step is determining whether your bot truly needs its distinct name. All said and done; they are bots, after all!

Here are four significant reasons to consider naming your bot-

  • Names Humanize The Bot

Around the world, innumerable tech teams are working hard to virtual assistants, and chatbots mimic human conversations as remarkably as possible. Artificial intelligence has made this possible. Some have started calling bots model students due to the rate they are evolving. When they’ve started acquiring numerous human characteristics, it only seems fair to assign chatbot human names. This will make them more human and real-like consumers who can interact with them.

  • Creates Engaging Bonds

A name helps build fantastic relationships, even if it’s with a bot. While your bot may not be certainly a human being behind the scenes, your customers are more likely to form a bond with your chatbot by giving it a name. Irrespective of whether you pick a robotic name or a human name, your customers will find it easier to connect when engaging with a bot.

  • Customers Relate Name To Product Attributes

According to the research of Wanke, Herrmann, & Schaffner, people who are associated with a product attributes to qualities of its name. Giving a product a name that seems caring, spectacular, yet bold can help create a similar kind of impression of the product in the customers’ minds. The same thing goes for your chatbots. When you provide your chatbot with a name, it sets the tone for the type of customer service you will offer.

  • Retains Your Customer’s Attention

A memorable chatbot name captures and keeps your customer’s attention hugely. This signifies your customers will easily remember your bot the next time they need to engage with the brand. Stand-out bot names also make it incredibly easier for customers to find the chatbot whenever they have questions to ask. Additionally, a fantastic chatbot name help promote the brand hugely.

Essential Steps To Naming Your Bot

Essential Steps To Naming Your Bot

Now, if your chatbot happens to be at the forefront of your company whenever a customer chooses to engage with your service or product, it becomes crucial to make an impact. And, having the perfect bot name is often the hook you require.

But, how to go about picking an apt name for your chatbot? You should consider numerous factors before deciding on a suitable bot name. Here are certain crucial steps to give a perfect name to your chatbot-

  • Determine Your Chatbot’s Role

Before you decide what your bot will look like, it is essential to identify its key role in your conversational marketing strategy. Try to figure out whether your chatbot will be focusing on promoting your business’s key products or services or if its primary responsibility is to offer solutions to the customer’s problems.

Once you have a clearer picture of your bot’s key role, you will be easily able to determine what it will look like and come up with a suitable name. Knowing your bot’s key role will also help determine the kind of your audience your chatbot will be interacting with. This will enable you to decide if the name should be professional, fun, or even wacky.

  • Give Your Bot A Personality

Providing your chatbot with a distinct personality will enable you to develop a distinct identity. For instance, as per an Amdocs study, 36% of customers prefer female bots. Assigning a unique personality to your bots, ranging from tone to gender and avatar, can make them more intriguing and allow you to create a specific brand image.

  • Choose Between Human or Robot

It isn’t usually essential to provide your chatbot with a human name. Sometimes, providing your bot with a robot name can eliminate ambiguity about who the customer is interacting with. If you want your customers to determine that they are having conversations with artificial intelligence, then you can choose to go for a robot-sounding name like B4SP or Delta. If you choose to go for a more human and empathetic-sounding bot, opting for a human name will be wise.

  • Make A Shortlist

You will only get one shot at naming your chatbot. So, having a couple of choices is always better. You will be able to compare names and even conduct extensive market research to evaluate what names customers truly respond to. Irrespective of whether it comes from an agency, your team, or an online chatbot name generator, chalk out a shortlist to weigh your choices before finalizing the name.

  • Script A Story

Once you have identified your chatbot’s personality and come up with a shortlist of names, try to truly consider how it fits your business narrative. Streamline the final chatbot creation process by providing your chatbot with a compelling backstory so that it becomes much easier to script the conversations.

Catchy & Unique Chat Bot Nicknames & Ideas

  1. Hercules
  2. Blabbermouth
  3. Smart Bot
  4. Hey
  5. Bigmouth
  6. Chatty Galore
  7. Volter Bot
  8. Funny Guy
  9. Digital David
  10. Pepper Bot
  11. Albus
  12. Bumper Bot
  13. Chandler, The Chatbot
  14. Abracadabra Bot
  15. Alchemist Bot
  16. Bot of Hearts
  17. Mindreader
  18. Insightful Bot
  19. Self-learning Bot
  20. Cindy Bot
  21. Awesome Bot
  22. Vera
  23. Marjory
  24. Family Bot
  25. Robbie The Robot
  26. Anniebot
  27. Megbot
  28. Cleverbot Buddy
  29. Kodak
  30. Tin Bot
  31. Oscar
  32. Trivia Bot
  33. Howdy Howdy
  34. Way Bot
  35. Wonder Bot
  36. Hello There
  37. Owl Bot
  38. Dee Dee
  39. Delphyne
  40. Gigi
  41. Karaoke Bot
  42. X-Talk

Final Thoughts

Naming a chatbot perfectly is an art. And, you require the mindset of artists to do absolute justice with it.

Undeniably, choosing the right name for your chatbot is crucial. But, in a bid to find the perfect name, do not compromise on the functionality of your chatbot. Ensure it works remarkably and fulfills the role it is being created for. Also, remember to not go overboard and end up with a bot name that doesn’t make it approachable, likable, or brand relevant. Good Luck!

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