The telemedicine sector has seen a substantial increase in popularity as a result of the extensive use of remote work and its usefulness after post-COVID conditions.

Telemedicine Web and Mobile Application Development

The telemedicine sector has seen a substantial increase in popularity as a result of the extensive use of remote work and its usefulness after post-COVID conditions. Hence, there is a need for efficient and reliable technologies that would facilitate people in accessing high-quality medical services at a distance. 

Agiliway developed telemedicine solutions with our American client. The team of developers at Agiliway keeps working on a platform that is particularly designed to detect health issues via video sessions. The project was initiated to implement the theory practically and improve its applicability in medicine. Given the project’s fundamental qualities and major goal, there have been several hurdles and additional demands to address and comply with. To meet the need for a complex health management solution, it was imperative to create online and mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Main Requirements and Challenges of the Project

The requirements are in a state of “ongoing” development and are subject to numerous modifications and improvements regularly. Nevertheless, the customer had specific requirements in mind while choosing Agiliway for a development project. The platform was designed to facilitate patients’ video sessions, including the estimation and management of payments for the services rendered. The primary objective was to evaluate the health conditions using the product. However, there is now a need to broaden the project’s scope to the surrounding healthcare sectors. Furthermore, in the future, the project will be seen as a large-scale product capable of catering to many healthcare sectors.  

Challenges have played a crucial role in the project’s development and execution process. However, much is dependent on the requirements of the end client; as we approach each new medical case, we must maintain the quality standard to which every team member contributed. 

An important contribution to QA monitoring and improvement is the hiring of a QA engineer. In addition, given the unique team structure, the client often interacts directly with the team members, necessitating the systematization of methods and specifications across many channels.

Suggested Solutions for the Project

The application is available as a mobile (iOS and Android) and online platform written in ClojureScript. The apps consist of several key components:

  1. Utilization of AI/ML model. Beginning with the early phases of the application, the Agiliway software development team is developing all significant system components, including the AI/ML model, which is now under the control of the US team.
  2. Emotional estimations. The text is analyzed using Python’s NLTK module to provide emotional coloring and emotional assessments. The online program calculates the score of the text’s absolutist language to anticipate health aberrations in several areas.
  3. Analysis of data, video, and audio. The patient’s doctor has access to videos, texts, automated scores, and estimates, which aid in gaining a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s health status. The real-time analysis of both video and audio is a crucial component of the system. Furthermore, the doctor has expedited access to the patient’s medical records and may promptly make any essential modifications without using time on superfluous documentation.
  4. Infrastructure management. We use AWS Terraform to facilitate the hosting and modification of infrastructure, ensuring the secure and predictable management and deployment of the application. A web application is a kind of interface that provides session statistics and is mostly used by clinics and organizations for administrative purposes. 

Web Front-End and Back-End Development

The Agiliway development team constructed a web app using Reagent in conjunction with Re-frame to:

  • Generate user interface components while maintaining a speedy interface thanks to simple operations and fundamental data.
  • Utilize the application state as a front-end framework that significantly enhances the organization and management of the application’s operations and maintenance.
  • Select the app testing solution that is compatible with a diverse array of JavaScript frameworks and offers a high level of simplicity; etc.

The mobile application for iOS and Android is designed for patients. It includes written information, video presentations, and potential illness progression scenarios depending on various parameters, instructions, or specific combinations of activities. Reagent and Re-frame were utilized in tandem to manage the state of the application throughout its development.

The Back-end technologies consist of a Clojure server, which provides a reliable, scalable, and easily configurable development platform. Additionally, the back-end utilizes Datomic Cloud, a relatively new and very flexible database that offers the possibility of elastic scaling.

Delivered Value

Telemedicine solutions are emerging as highly efficient and widely used practical implementations in the present global scenario. The existing telemedicine program is demonstrating its immediate and enduring value throughout the developing phase. Currently, we have several clients that are willing to engage in collaboration with us on this issue. These clinics are eager to use the software in various applications. By developing customized testing models, individuals in need may get expert support. 

The developed applications consistently include more functionalities and indicators to improve their analytical skills. To improve the quality of the results and expand their practical relevance, a competent medical expert continuously verifies the machine learning model. The Agiliway team places a high priority on the flexibility of requirements and testing methodologies, while also seeking suggestions from doctors to provide smooth and effective application orientation changes. 

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