Which are Top Progressive Web App Development Tools?

In this ever-evolving technological world, the demand for progressive web app development is growing rapidly with the advancement of technology in all verticals. Industries and SMEs are preferring PWA application development for building apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Since such websites are high in performance and offer top-notch usability and web design almost identical to the native apps.

The web app development witnessed this change in 2015, when Designer Frances Berriman and a Google Chrome Engineer, Alex Russell suggested the term Progressive Web Apps.

However, everything did not change instantly. It took some years to become mainstream for web app development. Post Google started popularizing PWAs. This pulls the attention of industries and SMEs and since then they never looked back. Because the average conversion for Progressive Web Apps recorded more than 52%. And Progressive Web App Development was on surge in the IT industry.

Besides, benefiting with features like Offline Mode of Operation, Push Notifications, Instant Load Time and Push Notifications, PWAs have a lot more to offer businesses.

So, if you are planning for your next Progressive Web App Development project? And not sure which web development framework and tool to choose for your project?

Here, we are providing a list of mostly used frameworks for the PWA Application Development.


React is one of the most preferred PWA Application Development tools from web app developers. Conceived by Facebook, the React lets developers share and reuse code for further development. The only thing they have to do is develop a react-app generator which manages automation of data for your Progressive Web App Development project. But, you have to customize tools as per your business needs.

Angular JS

Developed by Google, Angular JS is one of the renowned front-end web frameworks. It is open source and used for developing client-side web applications. The latest Angular 5 version lets you simply create PWA and with the added new features, you can easily develop responsive and reliable PWAs. Angular JS is highly scalable which lets you manage a bunch of data.


Vue.Js is gaining popularity due to ease of coding and instant rendering of changes made to the code using Virtual DOM. Maintained and supported by Alibaba and Laravel, developers benefitted with its scalability and other advanced features. The features and architecture Vue.js uses are inspired by React and Angular1.

PWA Builder

A PWA builder lets you create a PWA most efficiently and quickly. The only thing you need to do is building a service worker for offline functionality. For which, you have to pull and serve the “offline.html” from the web server in the absence of internet connectivity. PWA can be submitted to the App Store to make its use on Android and iOS devices.


The polymer is a light-weight Javascript Framework released by Google. Using Polymer, developers can create reusable content that can further be utilized for quick and easy data synchronization with devices. On the other hand, the App Layout Component tools let the creation of responsive designs. The PWA Application Development using this framework supports increasing PWA size and reducing loading time.


Lighthouse, a web app framework is also an offering from Google. Using this PWA, developers can easily maintain the quality of web apps. This tool ensures that your app is liable to become a PWA or not. For which, you have to integrate your website with the application. While the application will categorize websites into four parts and find out problems to increase your web app efficiency.


Workbox is also an offering from Google. It comes packed with several node modules and libraries which support the creation of progressive web apps and increase web app performance. But it is important to check that your finished PWA meets all the requirements mentioned in the Google PWA checklist or not?


GitHub is a website that contains repositories of projects to support the community of app developers. It is laden with numerous programming languages topics like Javascript and PWA service works. Also, you get benefited from PWA.rocks and Webpack repositories for better understanding and further development. The project management feature enables a seamless connection between remotely placed web app developers.

Dev tools

Dev tools are always available with every browser. Using it, web app programmers can easily find and debug web apps whenever needed. Also, it facilitates modification and inspection of service workers for documentation of cache files. Not only the Chrome Dev Tools but also the Firefox Dev Tools come loaded with such functionalities.


Knockout is the only javascript tool available in the market which comes with templates to build responsive designs using Model-View-View-Model or MVVM bindings. This tool enables easy coding of Javascript UIs with provided support for defining views and declarative bindings managed by ViewModel properties.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we have listed almost all the high in demand progressive web app development frameworks and tools in the market. No matter, you are an SME, enterprise or a startup, and looking for app development and PWAs, you can consider any of these tools and frameworks post considering working with the leading Progressive Web App development company or by hiring a web app developer. I hope this blog will help you select the best PWA application development framework based on the complexity and budget of your project.

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