Which are Top Progressive Web App Development Tools?

In this ever-evolving technological world, the demand for progressive web app development is growing rapidly with the advancement of technology in all verticals. Industries and SMEs are preferring PWA application development for building apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Since such websites are high in performance and offer top-notch usability and web design almost identical to the native apps.

The web app development witnessed this change in 2015, when Designer Frances Berriman and a Google Chrome Engineer, Alex Russell suggested the term Progressive Web Apps.

However, everything did not change instantly. It took some years to become mainstream for web app development. Post Google started popularizing PWAs. This pulls the attention of industries and SMEs and since then they never looked back. Because the average conversion for Progressive Web Apps recorded more than 52%. And Progressive Web App Development was on surge in the IT industry.

Besides, benefiting with features like Offline Mode of Operation, Push Notifications, Instant Load Time and Push Notifications, PWAs have a lot more to offer businesses.

So, if you are planning for your next Progressive Web App Development project? And not sure which web development framework and tool to choose for your project?

Here, we are providing a list of mostly used frameworks for the PWA Application Development.


React is one of the most preferred PWA Application Development tools from web app developers. Conceived by Facebook, the React lets developers share and reuse code for further development. The only thing they have to do is develop a react-app generator which manages automation of data for your Progressive Web App Development project. But, you have to customize tools as per your business needs.

Angular JS

Developed by Google, Angular JS is one of the renowned front-end web frameworks. It is open source and used for developing client-side web applications. The latest Angular 5 version lets you simply create PWA and with the added new features, you can easily develop responsive and reliable PWAs. Angular JS is highly scalable which lets you manage a bunch of data.


Vue.Js is gaining popularity due to ease of coding and instant rendering of changes made to the code using Virtual DOM. Maintained and supported by Alibaba and Laravel, developers benefitted with its scalability and other advanced features. The features and architecture Vue.js uses are inspired by React and Angular1.

PWA Builder

A PWA builder lets you create a PWA most efficiently and quickly. The only thing you need to do is building a service worker for offline functionality. For which, you have to pull and serve the “offline.html” from the web server in the absence of internet connectivity. PWA can be submitted to the App Store to make its use on Android and iOS devices.


The polymer is a light-weight Javascript Framework released by Google. Using Polymer, developers can create reusable content that can further be utilized for quick and easy data synchronization with devices. On the other hand, the App Layout Component tools let the creation of responsive designs. The PWA Application Development using this framework supports increasing PWA size and reducing loading time.


Lighthouse, a web app framework is also an offering from Google. Using this PWA, developers can easily maintain the quality of web apps. This tool ensures that your app is liable to become a PWA or not. For which, you have to integrate your website with the application. While the application will categorize websites into four parts and find out problems to increase your web app efficiency.


Workbox is also an offering from Google. It comes packed with several node modules and libraries which support the creation of progressive web apps and increase web app performance. But it is important to check that your finished PWA meets all the requirements mentioned in the Google PWA checklist or not?


GitHub is a website that contains repositories of projects to support the community of app developers. It is laden with numerous programming languages topics like Javascript and PWA service works. Also, you get benefited from PWA.rocks and Webpack repositories for better understanding and further development. The project management feature enables a seamless connection between remotely placed web app developers.

Dev tools

Dev tools are always available with every browser. Using it, web app programmers can easily find and debug web apps whenever needed. Also, it facilitates modification and inspection of service workers for documentation of cache files. Not only the Chrome Dev Tools but also the Firefox Dev Tools come loaded with such functionalities.


Knockout is the only javascript tool available in the market which comes with templates to build responsive designs using Model-View-View-Model or MVVM bindings. This tool enables easy coding of Javascript UIs with provided support for defining views and declarative bindings managed by ViewModel properties.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we have listed almost all the high in demand progressive web app development frameworks and tools in the market. No matter, you are an SME, enterprise or a startup, and looking for app development and PWAs, you can consider any of these tools and frameworks post considering working with the leading Progressive Web App development company or by hiring a web app developer. I hope this blog will help you select the best PWA application development framework based on the complexity and budget of your project.

How to Protect Your Digital Footprint while online shopping

The festive season has passed, but few online shopping days like BIG Shopping Days, Super Cooling’s Day and Memorial Day are just around the corner and everyone is raving about getting a VPN deals as cyber-crime is increasing every year at an alarming rate. Hackers and other cyber criminals thrive during online shopping. Last year was a monumental year for online platforms, as sales skyrocketed for thousands of platforms. However, the risk of giving out sensitive information to complete a transaction is always there.

You can prevent such solve a dilemma by investing in VPN deals. A VPN is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal these Days as it has the capacity of protecting you from hackers and any unauthorized party which is trying to access your information.

Subscribe to a VPN Deals

We can say online shopping days’ time is the perfect time to invest in deals as many service providers announce unbelievable deals. Take a VPN as the ideal example; many companies are providing new clients with a massive discount on their current package.

Online shopping days VPN deals will not only provide you with a secure network but will also include a variety of different features that are brilliantly engineered to enhance your overall browsing experience.

We would recommend choosing a VPN. Many VPN providers introduced a router that is preconfigured with VPN software. The device will not only give VPN protection to all connected devices but will also allow you to connect unlimited devices via Wi-Fi.

Besides digital security, VPN will also improve your overall browsing experience with adblocker, unlimited bandwidth, and so much more. Online shopping days VPN deals have caused quite a stir in the market as this deal is merely unbelievable. Check out their websites to learn more about their current Online shopping days VPN deals.

How Will VPN help You Shop Online Safely during online shopping? 

By now, you must be wondering how VPN deals can help you shop safely during these days. For this very purpose, we have made a list of the top different ways VPN deals can help protect you while you buy online.

Provides a Secure Network Irrespective of Your Connection Security

Most people do not know this, but connecting to a public Wi-Fi spot while you shop online is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. A public Wi-Fi spot does not have any digital security, which is why hackers target users who are connected to an insecure network. However, a VPN will provide you with a protected connection that is secure irrespective of your Wi-Fi connection. So with a VPN, you can go to your local Starbucks and shop online without ever worrying about anything.

Provides Complete Digital Anonymity

Your IP address is your digital footprint and is how the online world identifies each user. This is how hackers identify you online and trace all of your browsing activity. However, if you invest VPN deals, you can hide your IP address, and hackers will never be able to identify you. Furthermore, if you choose a VPN, your browsing activity will not even be logged. This company offers a zero data-logging policy and complete online anonymity, so do make sure you check the policies of the VPN provider you choose.

Provides High-End Encryption  

This is arguably one of the most profound reasons why VPN deals can help protect you while you shop online. VPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure connection. All of your data, including browsing activity, is immediately encrypted, so even if a hacker manages to infiltrate your network, they will not be able to access or use any of your information. Make sure you choose a VPN which provides AES-bit.

Provides Malware Protection

Malware is one of the most commonly used techniques by hackers to corrupt an unsuspecting user’s system. VPN Malware Protection automatically scans each file before you download it to make sure that the data is completely free from any malicious content. If this feature detects any malicious content, it will automatically stop the download. This feature also scans your files before you can share them to make sure all of your commuting data is safe and free from malware.


In the end, a VPN can be the only thing standing in your way and hackers while you shop online during these days. VPN deals will not only protect you from every aspect, but it will also help you improve your browsing and torrenting experience.

We can also use remote working many companies offers the remote working environment in this situation you can avail of the great advantage of VPN all Information passing through the remote network will secure if you are using the VPN that is if you choose a renowned company. It provides users with an array of different features, including unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections.

Some have expired, and Many VPN deals are currently active, and you can easily avail of this unbelievable discount by simply visiting their websites. Please remember that hackers are waiting for the online shopping days or season to begin so that they can target users who shop on sites that are not secured.

Once these hackers gain access to a user’s data, they can use this information for illegal purposes. Rest assured, with a VPN on your side. You can shop online without ever worrying about hackers.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking System is Vital For Car Owners

There might also come a day while GPS vehicle tracking system structures are a mandatory object in all vehicles. Insurance groups, law enforcement, and person owners can enjoy the installation of a GPS monitoring gadget in automobiles. Finance corporations and banks may additionally find that the set up of GPS monitoring systems in cars is a good way to shield their investment. While insurance covers the fee of the vehicle, recovering the vehicle is a superb manner to store the loss of cash right from the beginning. Car proprietors can get their cars back earlier than they are damaged and keep away from the issue of recovering cash from the coverage enterprise.

GPS vehicle tracking system

Car owners can screen the usage of their car once they have a GPS Vehicle tracking device hooked up in the car; so long as there is a receiving unit available to monitor the movement of their cars. Finance groups can also track customers that are delinquent with their bills.

This makes recovering automobiles that must be repossessed easier for the finance companies and banks. No longer will motors be hidden from the bank proprietor of the vehicle.

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

GPS monitoring systems may also quickly turn out to be a mandatory item in all financed vehicles. For banks and coverage organizations it can make an extensive difference in the amount this is paid out for stolen cars. Car proprietors today can opt for vehicle tracking gadgets in their vehicle for his or her very own private reasons.

Keeping the music of family participants is simpler for automobile proprietors with young adults. The devices can maintain song of the speeds that teens are driving to make certain that safety procedures are accompanied.

What is a vehicle tracking system

A GPS tracking device also can alert dad and mom whilst youngsters step out of doors of allowed regions. Parents are capable of alert police to their infant’s location in the event the kid is lacking.

Spouses and companions can tune the vicinity in their sizeable other with a GPS monitoring system. While this will seem like excessive use of tracking gadgets, it’s miles useful for a variety of reasons. Unfaithful spouses do no longer commonly confess their infidelities unless they are confronted with evidence in their actions.

Vehicle GPS Tracking | For Family Safety

A partner that has an intestine feeling that their partner isn’t being honest can lay those feelings to relaxation or affirm their suspicions. It is not understanding that is sometimes more difficult to undergo. Vehicle GPS tracking structures allow finding out as soon as and for all whether there may be a reason for the subject.

Of path, corporations that have a fleet of vehicles running each day make the most use of GPS monitoring gadgets and systems. These commercial enterprise owners can screen their motors in an equal manner a person can monitor their cars besides on a larger scale.

Real Time GPS Car Monitoring

Real-time GPS car monitoring structures can monitor loads of cars at an equal time with updates every few seconds. The impact that this can have on a commercial enterprise that ought to make deliveries on time or provider calls to customers is great. When a commercial enterprise has to be profitable, it’s far critical to recognize how green the course is and how cars are being used by personnel.

In a rustic like ours, where the quantity of motors is growing via the day, it is herbal to stand automobile parking problems, whether or not you’re parking your vehicle on your society, office or in any public location. The everyday warfare to get a secure parking area sees no cease & out of desperation we end up parking our cars in a risky region, exposing them to theft.

A GPS Monitoring Device

A GPS monitoring device in the sort of scenario might do us a world of exact, geared up with capabilities like ignition on notifications, vehicle toe notifications and immobilizing the car in case of compelled entry.

Hence, it is now clearly important & well worth investing in a device like a GPS vehicle Tracking system Device for location tracking, safety, anti-robbery & piece-of-thoughts.

Many Indian car owners nowadays at the moment are seeking to equip their cars with a GPS vehicle monitoring tool. Our goal is to explain to you the main advantages of a GPS vehicle tracking device on your vehicle.

Here are some reasons why must spend money on a Vehicle GPS tracking device to your automobile today:

Keeping GPS vehicle Tracking device maintain

A lot of vehicles require very particular & recurring renovation. A GPS monitoring system can be utilized to automate the scheduling of normal renovation in your automobile. This no longer most effective helps to reduce gas fees & minimize breakdowns but additionally helps in extending the existence of your vehicle.

Alarms on Reckless Driving

Alerts can be set in a way that you may be right away notified in case of reckless use. This consists of difficult braking, swerving, rushing & different dangerous riding behaviors. This keeps young drivers below take a look at and also pushes them to act responsibly whilst behind the wheel. Another extraordinary characteristic is one which permits you to set up an alarm if the auto is operating beyond certain hours, allowing for fast notification if a motive force breaks curfew.

Family Members’ Location can be Tracked

A GPS tracker for car operates in actual-time permitting you to track the area of your circle of relatives participants touring in the car right now. This is a notable way of ensuring that your children are home via curfew time, and can be used to discover a circle of relatives individuals fast in the event of an accident or an automobile breakdown. This is an honestly available safety function, that’s why you need to equip your vehicles with this tool if you have your own family.

Recovery of Car in an Event of Theft

With the ever mountaineering custom rates, sedans and SUVs don’t come cheap & you want to defend your prized possession in any way viable is natural. And another time the answer on your automobile problems, you guessed it – a GPS tracking devices. This may be used to set a fringe alert with a purpose to notify you every time the vehicle tracking system is shifting from its parked location or if it leaves a positive perimeter in the course of assigned hours & allows you to music the auto in real-time so that the police can locate & get better it.

Why Custom Android App Development Is Important for Business

Why Custom Android App Development Is Important for Business

The number of mobile app users has increased to a greater level as people prefer using mobile phones instead of desktop, web or laptop. Mobile apps have transformed the working of many sectors offering functionalities to perform tasks in a more convenient way saving time and energy.

Android phones are used by millions across the world and are loved due to their high security and reliability. Businesses are utilizing this platform’s popularity to increase sales and the number of customers. But the most difficult decision for a business is to choose between off-the-shelf android apps and custom android apps. Both the app development option provides splendid android apps covering all the features and functionalities your business wants. 

When it comes to choosing only one, your preference should always be towards the custom android app development. This article will show you why you should choose custom app development for your business.

App Development Costs

Mobile app development costs are always higher whether you purchase a read-made android app or the custom one. Choosing a custom app for android saves a lot of your time and effort. Several fully-developed apps cost more than if you hire a development agency to create an app of your own choice.

Custom app development can help you meet the deadline with an affordable price offering various functionalities. Besides development, there are other costs in ready-made apps including installation, data storage, support, customization, etc. There would be several features in off-the-shelf apps for which you have been paying but are of no use for your business, whereas in custom android apps you will only pay for the features that you asked for.

Overcoming Compatibility Issues

In custom android app development, you specify your requirements, features, user-interface to the development company. These android apps are made according to your every specification meeting your business requirements. Custom apps are built keeping in mind the audience for which the app is made whereas off-the-shelf apps are made for all not targeting particular users.

The user experience should be improved every-time, but it is not possible in the ready-made ones as new features can’t be added into it to enhance the app experience of its users. The custom apps can be easily installed in any mobile device as such apps are tested over different devices to be fitted into the environment. 

Increased Business Security

Off-the-shelf android apps are not according to every business’s needs and requirements rising security issues. Your mobile can be customized the way you want it, fulfilling all your business needs. Custom apps interface is made simple and easy so that it is understandable by the users without any training and elaboration.

The ready-made android apps contain various irrelevant operations and functionalities that make the app really complex which leads to insecurity. Custom applications use only the features that are required and work hard on the security of the app. These apps are specifically made for your business enhancing many operations in a secured way to follow security guidelines to protect the app from malicious activity.  

Reliable Technical Support

Custom apps include technical support inside the development plan for the android app. This technical support solves a great number of an issue removing the need to worry about any breakdown of a service or feature.

Whereas, if you choose an off-the-shelf app for your business it wouldn’t offer any technical support so if your app crashes down or stops working, there will be no one to help your app to recover.

This results in businesses buying another android app and starting it from the first stage, your customer and business data can also vanish if there is sudden app breakdown. The custom app also focuses on android app backup so that in case of any mishap you can rely on the backed-up data.

Easy Customization

There are advancements made to the android platform and each business is using the latest technologies to win the digitized race. Off-the-shelf android apps are not customizable and use only the old and basic technologies leaving you to lack behind your competitors.

Custom android apps have the versatility and are flexible enough to be modified according to the changing needs of the users or the business. Several new technologies can be introduced in the custom apps engaging more and more users.

Different digital logo design help tools and features can be integrated into android apps with regular app update options available. If you plan to expand your business in the future, you must opt for custom android app development due to its wide flexible space. 

Keeping Up with The Technology

Business is focusing on switching their business over to the android apps, but the main decision to make for them is to choose between the custom app development or the trendy one. There are many reasons to choose trendy android app development instead of the custom-made android apps.

Trendy mobile app development costs less than buying a trendy mobile app. It will not only help you to stay in the budget but also provide the functionalities you need to give a professional edge. A trendy functionalities app development targets your audience and develops apps according to the needs of your customer satisfying them completely.

The custom app removes the compatibility issues providing high security and guarantees your data protection. These apps provide technical support to your business allowing easy customization of the android app so the latest technologies can be added.

In the end, it could be stated now that the above information is best for business operators and marketers who want to develop a feature-rich mobile app for ultimate growth. If you are also willing to develop a mobile app for your business or organization, then you must prefer trendy functionalities along with custom features. By doing this you will not only meet your targets but also take your business operations to the next level. Or else it might become a daunting task for you to stay ahead of the curve.


Linux server administration roles and Responsibilities | LinuxWorld

Linux server administration Roles and Responsibilities are back-ends IT experts who install, configure, and maintain Linux operating systems in several organizations. This role includes server-side functions and troubleshooting activities that support business-critical development activity. Linux administrators manage user access and monitoring system stability and security through daily access and use.

This Designation requires Linux server administration roles and responsibilities of Linux systems and servers and may require a high level of risk assessment and customer support. Because Linux is an open-source operating system, administrators generally communicate and work with other developers to develop and implement systems extensions.

Although the specific responsibilities of a Linux administrator may vary by industry and industry, the general duties of this role are relatively stable. Based on the list examined, these duties include:

Install and Configure Linux Systems

A Linux administrator’s primary responsibility is to install and configure Linux systems and servers, often for organization-wide deployment. They develop servers and collaborate with individual users to make sure the system is reliable and fast, and answer configuration and installation questions. In this role, Linux administrators also configure the system architecture, including databases and background scripts for specific applications and use cases.

Perform system maintenance

Linux administrators also perform regular maintenance and troubleshooting on the server-side. This aspect of the role requires Linux administrators to review and report error logs and work on solutions. Often, Linux administrators have to work directly with the system source code to make the necessary changes to ensure reliable performance, and then integrate all amendments into the system as a whole.

Create system backup

Linux, as well as company or industry standards system administrators. They can do this every week, every day or more often, depending on system space and business needs. Promotes system recovery after an accident or other power outage and supports data integrity by making sure information is not lost.

Monitor System Performance

In addition to maintaining Linux systems and servers, Linux administrators also monitor system performance to avoid slowdowns and crashes. They can check traffic reports and reports daily or receive direct reports from end-users. If a Linux administrator detects potential or recurring problems within the system, he develops and distributes solutions so that all staff can use the system.

Provide technical support and guidance

Linux administrators offer technical support and guidance to users and other administrators. Linux administrators often work closely with other developers to answer technical questions and resolve server performance issues. You can also assist users in installing and upgrading Linux software and converting them to existing servers.

Maintain system security

Finally, Linux administrators maintain system security by actively identifying vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the system architecture. This part of the work requires a thorough knowledge of viruses and other sources of the system vulnerability and requires Linux administrators to actively develop security, especially when deploying system-wide changes that may open up new vulnerabilities.

Duties of a Linux server administration

The responsibilities of the system administrator are different and different from organization to organization. Sysadmins are generally responsible for installing, maintaining and maintaining servers or other computer systems, as well as for planning and addressing service disruptions and other issues. Additional responsibilities may include scripts or light programs, project management for system-related projects.

The Linux server administration includes:

  • User administration (setup and maintaining account)
  • Maintaining system
  • Verify that peripherals are working properly
  • Quickly arrange the repair for hardware in the occasion of hardware failure
  • Monitor system performance
  • Create file systems
  • Install software
  • Create a backup and recovery policy
  • Monitor network communication
  • Update the system after the release of new versions of OS and application software
  • Implement the network and computer systems policy, Set the user’s security policy.
  • System administrators need to know about computer security (firewalls, attack detection systems, etc.)       
  • Documentation in the form of internal wiki
  • Password and identity management

What’s so special about the system administrator’s account?

The master account has full (unlimited) access so he can work on the system. For example, root can remove critical system files. Besides, there is no way you can restore files other than using tape backups or backup disk systems.

Many system administration tasks can be automated using Perl / Python or script scripts. For example:

  • Create new users
  • Reset user passwords
  • Lock / unlock user accounts
  • Monitor server security
  • Follow special services etc.

An essential skill for the system manager

Troubleshooting, period. This can sometimes cause all kinds of restraint and stress. They call the system administrator to resolve a problem when the workstation or server is off. System administrative should be able to diagnose the problem quickly and correctly. Administrative responsibility is to understand what is wrong and how to solve it in a short time.

Linux server administration does not Include:

  • Cookie software engineer.
  • Developers
  • Applications You are not a designer to create new application software.

However, you need to know how to distribute and complete software and must be familiar with many programming languages ​​commonly used for scripting or automation of daily tasks such as shell, awk, Perl, Python, etc.