Why Shopify Stores Must Leverage Social Commerce Trends & Strategies

Since the last decade, tremendous growth has been noticed in the eCommerce industry as it provides people to shop at the ease of home and comfort. The eCommerce industry has also become the largest source of generating income for many, no matter a big brand or a small retail store.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to expand their business through the online means of selling. One such tool that is helping various businesses to flourish online is Shopify. There are currently 1,000,000 merchants running their online business with Shopify.

However, the eCommerce industry is ever-evolving and spawning offshoots with the change in the marketplace for better performance. One such offshoot of eCommerce, exponentially expanding the sales of online business, is Social Commerce.

Social Commerce opens the doors for brands and businesses to leverage sales and revenue with the help of social media platforms, one of the largest platforms where billions of people spend their maximum time of the day.

Social commerce widens the scope of sale to targeted customers spontaneously, providing all the beneficial elements to customers to make an informed and instant decision.

What and How Social Commerce Works?

Social commerce is an eCommerce strategy that includes the exchange of goods and services in exchange for value through social media platforms instead of eCommerce websites largely.

Social commerce is the integration of eCommerce and social media functionality where people find the product, get the product description, social reviews, and buy buttons at the same time to buy the product instantly. 

Many marketers get confused with social commerce and misunderstand it with social media marketing. But social commerce or social shopping is closely related to the eCommerce functionality; the only difference is it includes selling through social media channels.

Moreover, social commerce recently has gone beyond its older meaning, and now it is inevitably part of growing the sales of eCommerce stores with its potential.

Now brands and businesses are also integrating social commerce with the eCommerce platform to utilize the potential of social proof to grow sales and revenue on their online stores.

If you own a Shopify Store, you should start strategizing on social commerce to effectively grow your online store.

10 Reasons Why Shopify Store Must Include Social Commerce Strategy

According to the Adweek survey, social shopping has helped the top 500 retailers to make up to $6.5 billion in revenue in the year 2017, and the numbers are increasing every year.

You might have invested lots of money and effort to make your Shopify store successful, but none of your efforts works to grow the sales of your business. However, integrating social commerce increased sales of many Shopify stores in the last few years. This means it has the potential to grow your Shopify store too.

If you want to know how? Then read below how social commerce will be advantageous for your Shopify Store.

Attract Audience Attention

People are getting bored of seeing the same old content on every website. There are no innovations and creativity in the manner most of the eCommerce stores are incorporating to attract and engage their customers.

Hence, integrating Shoppable posts increases the website appearance with a unique touch. This helps in grabbing the attention of the audience and increasing their engagement on your website.

Display Social Proof Of Your Brand

Before making the purchase decision, 90% of online shoppers look for reviews and recommendations from existing customers who have already used the product. New customers search through Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, Instagram posts, Pinterest images, YouTube videos, etc., to find how many people are actually using the same product and their experience.

When you display the user-generated content collected from the social media platforms will display the social proof of your brand, helping your customers to not move here and there in search of reviews of your products.

Increase Authority Of Your Shopify Store

When your customers find you are actively participating in social media activities and have a good presence on social media channels, it helps you in boosting the authority of your Shopify Store. Moreover, displaying the user-generated content on your Shopify Store conveys the real experience of your customers with your brand, which gives solid proof of your product.

Build Trust & Reliability Of Customers

As people trust people more than intangible brand content. When people hear words from the real-life experience of other people, they tend to agree with their experience and learn from their experience for future decisions.

Embedding social proof helps your customers to get the real picture of your product and customer experience. They come to know how your product is useful to improve their life. Hence, your customers start to believe and trust in your brand’s product.

Enhance Customer Experience

As customer experience is a critical part of the sales journey, every brand owner needs to offer the best qualitative experience to customers when they land on their website.

Many do this by adding professionally clicked product pictures, offering various discount offers, enhancing website appearance, adding more vibrant colors to the page, etc.

Social commerce enhances the website’s appearance with the delightful colors of the social media posts that are already proving to enhance the customer’s experience on their website.

Grow Conversion Rate 

Shoppable social posts on websites help your customers to buy the product directly as they learn about the product from the post. These shoppable posts contain all the important information about the product that helps customers to better understand the product.

Through shoppable social media posts on websites, you can influence the people with the social proof and let people buy it from the post through the buy button.

Thus, with shoppable social media posts, you increase the possibilities of conversion rates on your Shopify store.

Keep Audience Hooked With Brand

Implementing social commerce strategy for your Shopify store, whether on social media accounts or embedding Shoppable social media galleries on your Shopify store, keep the audience hooked with engaging content. 

People love to see how other people or customers are using the products or availing services provided by a brand. Social media posts connect users or customers with real-life product images that captivate their attention and keep them hooked throughout their interaction with the brand.

Lowers Frictions In Customer Purchase Journey

Social commerce eases the process of shopping by allowing customers to buy the product in a single click while interacting with social media posts. Social commerce lowers the number of steps required by the buying process and scales down with a single click check out procedure.

Social commerce reduces the shopping journey friction by introducing customers to the product with details, competitive prices, and authentic content shared by the existing customers.

Social commerce lowers cart abandonment chances and gives less space to lose interest in buying the product with fewer clicks.

Make Targeting More Effective

Social commerce also widens the scope of targeting a specific audience that results in more conversion rate. Shopify stores can target the audience based on their behavior and interest in the product.

You can place the right content in front of the audience who appreciate your products and ultimately turn into buyers. Social commerce reaches the targeted audience effectively, showing your products or services to an interested audience.

Critical Growing Trends In Industry

Social commerce is a growing trend in the online shopping industry. Ecommerce stores to businesses having social media accounts are leveraging social commerce to maximize their sales and revenue.

Social commerce is increasing year by year, and many big brands are incorporating this strategy to make more sales with social media content. So, social commerce is critical for businesses this year and future, leveling your business to stand out from your competitors.

Wrapping Up!

Social commerce is expanding business at an exponential rate. Brands and businesses are getting new hopes to scale their sales and revenues like never before.

Hence, leveraging social commerce is a must-go-to strategy for every online store. So if you are the owner of a Shopify store, social commerce is the next move to expand your online business.

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