Best Truck Accessories for Your Summer Off-Roading Trip

Summer’s coming, and if you’re like other off-roaders, you’re itching for some real action. There are plenty of destinations to explore, but you need to prep for whatever awaits you. And if off-roaders excel at anything, it’s prepping for adventure. This quick guide offers a few suggestions to help you gear up your truck before hitting the trails.

Tonneau Covers

For many off-roaders, adding a tonneau cover is a logical upgrade. The key is selecting the best one that meets your needs. There are many options on the market: rolling, foldup, retractable, hinged and more. So how do you choose? Consider what you need most from your Ford F150 tonneau cover and you’ll find a style to match:

  • Roll-up – soft, lightweight, inexpensive and offer full bed access
  • Folding – affordable, opens quickly and allows driving with an open cover
  • Hinged – sturdy, looks sleek and provides more protection
  • Hinged/roll-up – flexible, lightweight and easily lifts from tailgate end
  • Retractable – low-profile design, opens in increments for convenient access

You’ll find these options in both hard and soft covers. Many 2020 F150 hard tonneau cover styles are made from aluminum, fiberglass, plastic or a combination of these. Latches, weatherproofing, UV resistance and drainage channels are just some of the features available on tonneau covers today.

Running Boards

While you’ll face some challenges in the great outdoors, you don’t want to spike your adrenaline levels just to get in and out of your truck. Running boards, nerf bars and side steps give you and your passengers better access. Again, your needs should determine which option you choose.

Nerf bars and running boards share a lot of similarities. But there’s one major difference between the two: their stepping points. Running boards have stepping pads over their entire length. Generally, nerf bars only include stepping surfaces at each entry point. Many boards and bars span the length of your truck door, allowing you to step up into your vehicle. If you desire easy truck bed access, a wheel-to-wheel model may be your best solution.

If you need easy cabin access but don’t want a full running board or nerf bar, side steps are an excellent alternative. Side steps are typically installed near the rear of your truck cab, but they can attach at any point.

Truck Awnings

No matter where you’re traveling, summer weather can be unpredictable. Searing heat and pop-up storms are par for the course. A truck awning can provide welcome relief from a drenching downpour or the scorching sun overhead. Look for awnings made with durable fabric such as heavy-duty ripstop polyester. For added protection, make sure you select a model with waterproofing and UV resistance. Built-in telescoping legs offer easy setup within minutes.

Whether you need tonneau covers, awnings, the best running boards for 2021 Silverado or other off-roading essentials, you need to know that you’ll get top-notch service and value. Shop at a reputable auto parts and accessories dealer, especially one with a large selection of off-roading gear.

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