5 Best Free Tools To Convert Word To PDF Online

One aspect that makes PDF files more convenient when sending documents to others is maintaining the file’s excellent quality and format. Whether you’re sending an email, invoicing clients, or any other thing you need to be done at work, using a PDF file is a top choice. if you are Looking for user-friendly Free Tools To Convert Word To PDF Online. here is the list of tools to convert word to pdf online are following.

Nowadays, there is multiple web-based software that can easily access. There is no need to put much pressure on yourself when searching for the best one since we’re about to share the best five free tools to convert Word documents to PDF files. Just keep scrolling for you to find one!

PDFBear : Word to pdf converter

Today, one of the best tools to convert Word to PDF online is PDFBear. This tool offers quick conversion in just a few clicks, making it easy and accessible. You don’t have to worry and essential data is not being transferred during the conversion process. This tool preserves all the Word documents’ text, paragraphs, tables, columns, and fonts.

When it comes to the conversion process, everything is done online. You don’t need to think of extra software installation as you can have all the website access. Plus, keeping the users’ privacy and security is one of the main features that the software offers. As based on privacy and security compliance, all of the files you have uploaded are permanently deleted after an hour of using the tool. They provide free access but to experience more, and it’s also good to opt for a premium subscription.

ILovePDF : Convert word to pdf online

Next on the list is best known as the most straightforward PDF converter tools online. This software adopts the minimalist approach when it comes to PDF conversion. It offers multiple FREE services such as PDF processing tools, merging the file, covering file conversions, watermarking, and many more.

You have to register to access and use more features of this tool. But to experience all of the elements with no ads, it’s also a better option to go for the premium version. Having the opportunity to access the iLovePDF mobile app and converting the highest file per task are among the features you’ll get after subscribing to the premium version. You can always be assured of precise and reliable conversion with this ILovePDF tool.

PDF2DOC : Word to pdf Convert Online

The PDF2DOC is a user-friendly online tool that can instantly convert your Word document to a PDF file or vice versa. The good thing about this tool is it’s free to access and works on mobile devices. It also keeps the original texts, fonts, and layouts of the file even after the conversion process. Another impressive feature it offers is that you can convert up to 20 files and has the option to download them one by one or all at once in ZIP archive format. On the other hand, the only downside is you’ll be experiencing many ads while using it.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

If you’re looking for the quickest conversion tool online, the WPS PDF to Word Converter is the answer. You can process any conversion of your choices, such as converting word documents to PDF files or the other way in batches. Although it’s being processed in bulk, the file’s quality, text fonts, and layout weights are still kept and secured.

The good thing about this tool is there is no need to register for immediate conversion, which only means that if you’re in a rush to convert your file, it’s hassle-free to use. You can convert any file up to five pages in the free version of the app. But, if you’re hoping to use it without limit, opting for the premium version for only $19.99 can be the best choice.

Online OCR: WPS PDF to Word Converter

As the name says, this tool is accessible to convert your Word document to a PDF file online. If you’re not familiar with OCR, it stands for optical character recognition software, an essential tool to recognize foreign characters during the entire conversion process. With the OCR technology feature, an OnlineOCR converter is a useful tool for anyone looking for a converter tool intended to be used for documents with foreign languages. It’s available to convert files from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. As devices have more than 45 languages, this tool will work and meet all of your needs.

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This tool’s only downside is that it limits up to 15 conversions per hour for every new user. If you have bulk assignments that need to be done for more than an hour, this tool may not be the best service you’re looking for.

In Conclusion 

With the constant advancement of technology, you can do everything with just a single click. That’s why if you’re facing some difficulties in your installed software for conversion of files, looking for alternative tools online is such a piece of cake. There are many conversion tools available online today to help you convert your Word document to a PDF file. All you need to do is choose which one among the options best meets your needs. You can freely access most of the available conversion tools, but opting for the premium version will let you experience all the features that tools offer. Why not consider choosing our first tool on the list. Just simply visit the websites to discover its fantastic features about to offer to you.

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