How GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices Can Help You Save Cash

The primary benefit of using modern technology is that it will go a long way in helping its users to increase efficiency. They can also save a significant amount of money. GPS vehicle tracking systems provide information about the exact location of the vehicle.

It also shows the velocity of the vehicle or device in which the tracking system has been installed. GPS vehicle tracking systems can be utilized by people who own personal cars, those with car hire companies, or even those who own a fleet of heavy commercial vehicles.

The system can either be passive or active. A passive tracking system will collect the necessary information and store the data within the device on particular events like stops and hard brakes. On the other hand, an active tracking system gathers information about the position and velocity of the vehicle and sends it to a centralized data collection system. An active tracking system is sometimes referred to as a real-time tracking system.

Which tracking device you decide to use will depend on why you want to track the vehicle. A real-time tracking system is the best to ensure the security of the car and monitor the behavior of your drivers. You can find these and other quality products from Eyeride company.

The various benefits of GPS tracking system that contribute to money-saving include:

Reduces Fuel Cost

Fuel is a source of energy and it takes the lion’s share of any company’s expenses. Once you can increase the efficiency of energy consumption in your company, then you will automatically increase the profit. GPS vehicle tracking systems help you save on the cost of fuel by monitoring some of the activities that lead to wastage of fuel.

Idling while the engine is running is one significant contributors of fuel wastage. With a GPS vehicle tracking system installed, you can monitor your employees frequently, so you can ensure that idling only occurs when it is necessary.

In some cases, fuel wastage occurs when a driver uses a longer route to make a delivery. The GPS vehicle tracking system is capable of providing the traffic of the road. Hence, the driver can be advised in an appropriate way.

In rare cases, your employees may siphon the fuel from the vehicle. The tracking system has curbed this menace by providing information about the vehicle fuel level and provides an alert once there is a drastic drop in fuel level.

Save On Insurance Premiums

Some insurance premiums that provide the best insurance service could be very costly. However, most of these insurance companies subsidize the insurance fees for clients who have installed a GPS tracking device in your vehicle.

The main reason behind subsidy is that they are sure that you are monitoring your car frequently to avoid reckless driving, and there are minimal chances of an accident occurring. With a GPS tracking system, it will also be easier to show the cause of an accident, hence faster facilitation of the insurance payment. Therefore, you won’t be forced to buy a new vehicle by yourself.

Elimination of Logbooks

The main objective of technological advancements is that it allows every activity to be undertaken using digital means and not manually, thus saving time and money. The technology of GPS tracking systems are capable of keeping precise records of the location, distance covered, and time spent on the road. That implies that the time wasted in filling logbooks and the FBT reporting will be saved and this will lead to saving of time.

As an employer, you will no longer need employees to go through the logbooks, which is tedious, especially when you have a fleet of vehicles to be managed. With the GPS tracking system, you will only require a fleet manager to monitor the activities of your fleet.

Save On Maintenance Cost

To ensure the durability of your vehicle, you have to ensure that it gets serviced frequently. If frequent servicing is not done, then you will incur an extra cost for making unplanned repairs and towing the vehicle to the garage after it breaks down on its way to making a delivery.

Regular servicing also helps to reduce fuel consumption because it ensures maximum efficiency of the engine. Having a GPS tracking system comes in handy when it comes to vehicle maintenance because it provides an alert that one of your vehicles is due for maintenance.

Reduces Mileage

GPS tracking systems have been of much help to Uber drivers and mobile service delivery companies. This is because a fleet manager can monitor the exact location of a vehicle at a given time and can efficiently dispatch the nearest car for the job. This helps in saving time and reducing fuel consumption.

Apart from reducing fuel consumption, reducing mileage will help in reducing the frequency of service because reducing mileage will cut down the wear and tear of your vehicle parts. Therefore, the nearest vehicle will cover the shortest distance and make the minimum amount of stops on the way.

Monitoring Your Employees

Tracking of your vehicle at all times prevents employees from carrying out unauthorized activities using the company’s car. This includes the ferrying of passengers to an unplanned destination, hence leading to fuel consumption. The GPS helps you ensure that your employees are at the correct location at all times.

Maximize Invoicing and Timesheet Accuracy

With the GPS vehicle tracking system, you can come up with accurate customer invoices, hence reducing customer complaints. In addition to that, the GPS tracker alerts you once one of your vehicles has made a stop for a long time, leading to a drop in running cost.


When it comes to business, the only way one can maximize their profits is by reducing their expenditure. One can use a GPS tracking system to ensure that they save some money. Apart from that, GPS tracking systems will increase the safety of the employees and also increase productivity.

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