Is a diploma the same as a degree

Making decisions in the educational field is seldom easy as you have a variety of choices in terms of programs and their variants- certificate, diploma, degree and more. Various factors have to be given a thought before you make your pick. 

You can choose to do your higher education with a diploma course and easily get a job or if interested, you can also go for a graduate or a post-graduate degree course. The latter would surely need a longer time commitment and will also require more strenuous studies. Now a longer program may sound like a better idea but there’s a catch to it. 

Digital generation 

Degrees have always been around as a stable medium of studies similar to traditional classroom learning. Though in recent times, we have learned that traditional may not always be the best way. Similarly while according to Harvard Business Review, around 40% of students from developed countries still find a degree a better option despite the financial impediment, the reality is far from different. 

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The digital age is all about learning, unlearning, and re-learning where shorter courses are a more practical method of progress. The bottom line for all students is to continue their higher education in a way that pays them off well in their financial path, both literally and figuratively. 

For this, they have to either go with a diploma course or pick a degree in their suitable career. The two can be concerned with the same subject but will impart learnings in a very different way. So you can opt for a diploma in hospitality that will make you instantly ready to join the workforce or you can go for a degree that will expound on each topic, giving you thorough information. Here is a more detailed picture of the difference between diploma and degree to help ease your decision. 

Difference between diploma and degree 


Diploma and degree are both immensely popular and considered the best means to go ahead in any career. Here is a brief explanation of the two, along with their differences: 

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A diploma course is detailed and contains all the essential knowledge of a particular subject or field. Due to the technical nature they possess, students often pick such courses to upskill or become market-ready. A diploma is field-specific and offers an in-depth view into the area, equipping one with the skills needed for the sector. 


This qualification is for those who want to go deeper into a subject as part of their higher education. The time-period for a degree can be 2 to 3 years during which you will be well-rounded in the subject area. With a degree, you can move from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree as well if you want to gain further and deeper knowledge of a chosen area. 

Apart from time-commitment, another major difference that diploma and degree have is the price difference. While a degree is more expensive, a diploma is not only more cost-effective but it also brings immediate returns on investment. 

This means that if you are seeing stability and immediate job roles then a diploma may be your best choice, whereas if you are looking to become proficient in a field before entering the workforce, then a degree can be more useful.

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