The 2021 SEO Trends That Should Not be Ignored

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most valued marketing channels at every marketer’s disposal.

Those associated with digital marketing know the utmost importance of getting the Search Engine Optimization right. However, regardless of its ultimate need, Search Engine Optimization can be a critical and hard-to-understand concept in digital marketing.

This is mainly because, in the digital world, the techniques and requirements are changing every day. And because of the constant changes, the competition around establishing an effective SEO strategy is also becoming complex.

SEO techniques that were relevant in 2019 were not constant in the year afterward. Similarly, what seemed to be the only way to progress for digital business in 2020 has become upgraded in 2021.

In this blog, we are going to understand some of the top SEO trends for the year 2021:

User Focus

In 2019, as per the reports of Merkle’s 2019 Digital Media report, Search Engine Optimization was responsible to drive 22% of all website traffic.

However, in 2020 a lot more was required from SEO experts than the basics. 2020 has been an unusual year in all aspects. While the traditional setups were suffering from the pandemic restriction, the digital businesses saw a surge in supply and demand.

Not only did many businesses chose the digital medium to hang in the industry at times of crisis, but the pre-existing businesses also started improvising their SEO strategy to cater to the needs of customers during a pandemic.

However, now as the pandemic has started settling and marketing experts are getting a hold of the present to depict the future, SEO strategy is relying on some of the basics again. Some such basics of an effective SEO strategy are catering to a user focus.

One of the more famous quotes “ What is good for the user is good for Google and SEO” shows the relevance of this characteristic. Even more than 10 years ago, this phrase made complete sense as it is making now. The user, which is the visitors of your business website, is the primary essential for success for your SEO strategy and eventually your business.

The SEO strategies aim to place Google to gain more customers for their brand. However, for Google, the aim is to satisfy more visitors with the best possible result to active visitors’ satisfaction.

These aims are interlinked to achieving user focus.

When Google sends a user to your website through Search Engine Results Pages they expect you to be at your best and the source of user satisfaction.

Once the user is satisfied with your website, not only are they your potential customers but they will choose Google again for searching for something else.

Intent and Conversion

Is your content and SEO team looking at the search engine result pages when writing a piece of content? If not then you are doing everything wrong. Before having hands on the mighty Google Search Console, SEMRush, or any other SEO tool it is important to first know the Search Engine Result Pages.

The SERP lets you know what Google thinks are the best result pages for users.

This way you can get an understanding of how to write and what to write to replace the leading search page in your industry in the SERP. By this practice, you will learn how Google is guiding you to write content using relevant terms for better search results.

If you fail in catching the intent, you will surely stay behind the websites that have understood the requirements better.

Page Experience

SEO is not only about stuffing the right keywords and searching through SERP to find a ranking of your page, instead, but a website that provides a better user experience is also of the ranking factors for Google Algorithms.

Especially in 2021, you need to make sure that your website runs faster. These days many users have realized the importance of having the right internet and cable TV service at home, thanks to the pandemic. Users are well aware to choose pages like Spectrum Silver packages and internet deals for a better price than surviving with a cheap package.

Similarly, users now do not take much time to bounce to a better website that provides them a better user experience than to stick on a slow one.

Cater the User

Your user is the core factor for your SEO strategy. If your user is satisfied, you are doing it right. If not then this blog might help you fix your SEO strategy.  

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