Tools and apps that a graphic designer should have

As a freelance graphic designer at dormzi or any other agency, you have to be unique and creative. And, your job is way complicated than it looks. The client’s demands and expectations, different editing works and all are not an easy thing to do. 

Thanks to the internet, there are loads of exciting tools for creating a perfect freelance graphic design. And, not only that they help with so many other things like managing and scheduling and what not! 

But, because the tech is the rapidly growing industry, every year you’ll see many new tools coming up and serves better functions than the ones you were using! And, you are now confused to pick which that will serve the best! So no worry! As beneath is the updated list of tools that a freelance graphic designer should have in 2020. 

So with no delay, scroll down and find out your best mate!

List of Softwares for Graphic Designers

For a start let’s first discuss some essential software that could help in crafting an excellent graphic design.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic designer

To create a fabulous freelance graphic design, Adobe is the perfect partner for you! Adobe has been the first choice of many graphic designers for years. Its fantastic features like Photoshop, In design, and illustrator simplifies and standardizes the whole designing process. 

And, talking about 2020, so Adobe has updated as of this year! It came up with some new fascinating features that kept it in the 2020’s list! Now, you can save your favourite colour patterns, graphics, and typefaces in the cloud and apply them to any of your future projects. 

All these features had made designing more effortless and time-saver. 

Ron’s Brushes

Ron’s Brushes is a crazy world of digital drawings. It consists of thousands of effects for digital paintings and illustrations. Ron’s Brushes provides necessity yet creative tools for a better design. 

It’s some famous brushes are ‘Steam’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Vector Grunge’ and ‘Cracks’. It has easy drag, drop, and set functioning. Very handy to work with! Besides, it also offers a massive collection of digital environments, whether it’s a light fusion, wisps, particles, or some other look you may never even have thought of implementing to graphics. But with this, you can get that all.

Now, you can bring atmosphere nuances to graphics and life to your design. 



This is another admirable illustration app best for freelance graphic design. However, it’s solely for iPad users! With the brilliant program, it simplifies every step at graphic making. 

Procreate key line features are:

  • It allows you to use the Apple Pencil to initiate direct drawing on the screen
  • It can save the work as pdf or PSD which can be integrated with Adobe
  • It can record every step of drawing, so go back to any step you want!

With intuitive functions to an awesome collection of brushes, procreate has all covered up! 


MyFonts is essential software for graphic designers. Although most photo editing software adds a font editing feature, they are sometimes just not enough or not going with the mood of the design! 

It’s very often while making a freelance graphic design, that you need unique fonts for an almost similar type of designs and couldn’t find them because of the limited number of fonts. But with, you can explore galore of fonts in which many are free and some you could buy. 

And the feature -” WhatTheFont”, you can download the font from a picture you like. Just upload an image from where you want to extract the font, then download the font and use it on your design. 

A quick tip: For better results, use a clear screenshot or if you’re downloading any image, do it in high resolution!  

Top Hardware tools That Graphic Designer consider buying!

Besides, the above software, a freelance graphic designer, would also need to own some hardware tools that will lubricate the designing: 

Wacom Tablet

With a touch screen, our life just became so effortless and quick…. But it could not be the same scenario with making a freelance graphic design.  Today too many graphic designers find it handy to rather work with pen and paper for a better idea of any designs

But this could be now synced with tech with Wacom Tablet! Wacom comes with a stylus that acts like a pencil and moves fluently as you want. It just makes designing so easy and convenient! 

It’s a must-have tool for every freelance graphic designer. And, what working with different shapes, frames, fonts, etc. is so effortless now. It works satisfyingly! 

 iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

 iPad Pro + Apple Pencil for graphic designer

Yeah, this iPad has just truly served to be another thriving apple product! Although it’s not the cheapest one, yet the best one! And with a combo of apple pencil, it’s not less than a magical book and magic stick for a graphic designer. The tab is 12.5 inches wide, and the pencil slides like a feather on it. 

Adjust display colour tones, scroll smoothly, and do s detailed work! The best service tool for extremely precise works. 

Wacom Bamboo Slate

Wacom Bamboo Slate for graphic designer

This is another flourishing product of Wacom! And, from a name, you may or may not understand that what a Wacom Bamboo Slate even does! Let me tell that you can fix this slate under a real paper. Yes! And the strokes or designs on the paper will show up on the computer screen! 

Yeah, it’s an incredible tool or quite wizard’s slate! Bamboo slate’s main features are: 

  • It saves a lot of time retyping notes that were on paper. 
  • And it instantly adds the data to the cloud for sharing and editing.

So, anyone who is more comfortable with the real pen working but couldn’t help to save the time wasted on recopying everything. Then try this attractive solution! 


Creating an impeccable freelance graphic design is a tough job to do! It needs keen observation and creativity to bring something new every time. And on that, the client’s specifications should not be let down! 

It’s a sturdy job to do but for those who crave creativity and out of the box ideas… graphic is designing is a way to go! And with these aforesaid hardware and software tools, you can make a full-flourished career here. These tools will surely bring you a lot of help and inspiration! 

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