Top 7 helpful pdf plagiarism checker online with no word limits

The progression in the Information Technology sector has seen a massive increase in online writing. A significant benefit is that online writing is not limited; it can be of any nature. It is also the main reason that the internet is flooded with informative articles and other valuable sources that is where pdf plagiarism checker plays an vital role.

When a writer is assigned a writing task, it is essential to use the sources available. It is because a combination of these could help the author in composing a high-quality paper. However, these sources could only be used for adding to your information. If you copy-paste material that you find online, it could lead to plagiarism arising in your work.

Plagiarism is a collective term that is often used by many people. Though the word has no particular definition that is widely accepted, it means copying someone’s work for your purposes. The concept is not merely limited to it, and it is further expanded to and divided into categories.

Categories of Plagiarism  

There are two main categories of plagiarism that are followed by two more divisions. The two primary types are intentional plagiarism (which arises as a result of intentionally copying another work) and accidental plagiarism (which occurs as a result of negligence).

The further two categories are the patchwork plagiarism (arising because of copying quotes or material and failing to cite it or add quotation marks correctly) and self-plagiarism (copying material from your subsequently published work).

The categories of the offense can differ, but their impression won’t. Regardless of the type of plagiarism, you might be found guilty of, and their consequences remain the same—infringement of the plagiarism policy results in fines, temporary or permanent suspension.

For a professional, it could lead to a forceful resignation from the job. Online writers could face copyright claims and could get their published work deleted, which would massively impact the reputation of the overall site.

Best Pdf Plagiarism checker tools

Some websites have proposed a tool to scan the work for any plagiarism in it. Some of the best tools available online are:-


If you want to authenticate your work before the final submission, then you can perform it through PrePostSEO online plagiarism checker.

The pdf plagiarism checker tool is developed online for free, so everyone can easily benefit from it. It presents the users with a thorough scan and produces a highly efficient and reliable report.

It requires the user to make an input query, which can be made by copying and pasting the text into the engine or upload a file in doc, docx, txt, and pdf format. Once the data is uploaded is a search from its extensive database that contains thousands of search papers.


To scan your work for plagiarism and get accurate results, the Plagiarismchecker has presented a very resourceful tool. The tool completely free and available online, furthermore it doesn’t require any downloading.

To upload the document, you can copy and paste it in the software, and you can also perform it by directly uploading it from your drive in different formats. The file can be searched for any copied content in different languages like Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

You can also perform a scan from a particular URL or exclude a specific webpage if you don’t want the tool to scan from it. Plagiarismchecker is designed for writers of all sorts.

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Grade Miners

The Grade Miner pdf plagiarism checker scans your uploaded document by using word assignment and contextual analysis along with its smart algorithms, making the process look uncomplicated.

The website has also proposed a strict privacy policy that ascertains that the inserted content is kept safe and is not shared inappropriately; neither a disclosure is made to any outside party.

Its algorithm is designed to scan the file and check it for plagiarism thoroughly. The copied area is not only detected accurately but additionally, the whole process takes minutes.

The Grade Miner online pdf plagiarism checker is an insanely popular choice among bloggers who are looking for a free online tool that guarantees results and precision.


Cite4Me is a popular website that is used for referencing and citation. However, the site has also proposed its online pdf plagiarism checker tool that guarantees a detailed and dependable report after a scan.

Scanning through the tool is entirely safe as the site ensures that it has a no share policy. It means that neither the uploaded file nor the results are shared with anyone. The final report generated after the scan comprises of all the plagiarized area marked along with editor’s remarks and the sources that may have been used in copying.

Cite4ME can be used to authenticate essays, dissertations, and research papers with high accuracy and reliability.

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Grammarly is initially a free tool that can be used to search for plagiarism in a document; however, it also offers a premium membership for users who want to use it regularly. The tool is straightforward to access and use. You can upload a file into it from your drive or copy and paste it from the source to scan.

The tool carries out an in-depth analysis of the content and produces a report with all the plagiarized area noticeable and sources mentioned.

 The software is an exceptional choice for students that are looking to validate their work, Its Broad search procedure and easy interface making it a common choice.


The Artscolumbia online pdf plagiarism checker tool is a simple software that performs a scan from the Google index. Though the tool cannot be ideally used for more complex operations like authenticating important papers like dissertations, it can be an excellent choice for online writers and low-grade students.

It is an excellent choice for online writers because most of the work they compose is by consuming online sources, and the tool is capable of exploring through these.

To use the tool, you can copy the text and paste it in the search engine and click on the ‘’Check for plagiarism’’ button to get the results.


Plagly offers an online plagiarism checker that is planned to distinguish matching text in your document accurately. For quicker and more distinct results, the plagiarism checker allows the users to choose the type of paper they intend on uploading in the software, whether it’s an essay, dissertation, or a research paper, etc.

Its far-reaching catalog of sources and high word limit lets its user scan the entire file at once without doing several searches. You can either upload a file from your drive in formats like pdf, RTF and ODT, etc. or copy and paste the text in the search engine

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