Word to PDF: How to Convert Using GoGoPDF’s Converter Tool

There are a ton of reasons why you should choose to convert your Word documents to PDF files. Some reasons include compatibility issues. Some of you may already know that whenever you access a Word document on a different version of MS Word, you wouldn’t be able to open it or access a Word document on a device with a different operating system.

These are just some of the reasons why PDF files are easier to use compared to Word documents. But the reason you should really consider is security. Most PDF files may potentially contain some sensitive information regarding the owner. So, would you want it to be safe and secure? Of course, you do. So, with GoGoPDF, you can quickly and effortlessly convert your Word documents to PDF files in a short amount of time. But wait, what is GoGoPDF?


GoGoPDF is a free platform that can enable you to easily manage, edit, and convert your files into your chosen file formats. It consists of 20 tools that are ready for your disposal, making it a convenient platform since you don’t have to move from one platform to another just to find the tool you require for your tasks. You can convert your files from Word to PDF, HTMl to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, PPT to PDF, and vice versa since GoGoPDF offers reverse conversion as well.

But wait, it doesn’t only offer file conversion. It also offers a variety of tools that makes handling PDF files easier, including PDF repair, unlock & lock, split, merge, compress, edit, and many more. We guarantee that whatever you need for your files, GoGoPDF has everything for you. The best part of it is that you don’t have to use any third-party programs or install any app or software on your device, making it a practical way of handling your PDF files.

GoGoPDF Four-Step Word to PDF Conversion Process

GoGoPDF’s Word to PDF conversion process only has four easy to understand and quick steps. Nothing too technical or complicated about these steps as they are already simplified and are straight to the point. It would only take you a maximum of two minutes to complete these steps from the beginning until the end, making it one of the most reliable and quickest ways of converting Word documents to PDF files.

First Step

The first thing you have to do is typing into your web browser “gogopdf.com” and tap on the Word to PDF tool. Upon clicking, you will immediately be redirected to a new web page where you can upload your files, images, and documents. You can do this in two simple ways:

  • By clicking on the “Select Files” button, and choose the files you want to convert.
  • By using GoGoPDF’s drag-and-drop feature and dragging it into the conversion box.

Second Step

GoGoPDF will then immediately start the process of conversion for your Word documents. During this time, you might think to yourself whether your files are protected, or the files you have uploaded will be safe in their hands. The answer is a solid YES. They have installed a Secured Socket Layer that automatically encrypts and secures your files as you transmit them online. Also, your files are automatically removed from their system after an hour of uploading them. This is to ensure that no one will have access to your files.

Third Step

All you have to do for the third step is wait until the conversion process to be completed. GoGoPDF is a powerful and reliable platform for file conversion. So, it doesn’t take much of your time to convert your Word documents to PDF files, as it would only take a matter of seconds before it is completed. With this fact, you are already saving so much time since you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Fourth Step

The last thing you have to do after the conversion process is complete is to download your newly converted PDF files into your chosen file storage device by clicking on the downloadable link given to you by the platform. You can also share it with other people through a unique shareable link through your social media accounts or your email. Just as we have mentioned above, it would only take you two minutes to complete converting your Word documents into a high-quality PDF file.


Without a doubt, GoGoPDF offers a much more superior platform than anything you will ever find on the internet. It isn’t only easy to use, has quick conversions, but also able to manage your files securely and safely. Everything you are looking for checks out.

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