Unlimited Graphic Design Vs Freelancer Vs Design Agencies

Graphic Designing is utilized by every business and entrepreneur as a method to raise their brand, product and service awareness. It’s hard to construct the designs of your website as it is. This is where the contributions of freelancers and graphic design agencies come into play. They have become increasingly visible in the business industry where enterprises of all sectors seek their designing services with respect to constructing their brands. 

They cover all marketing factors including logo, flyers, posters and website designing.  As an aspiring entrepreneur, you are probably confused about what type of service you wish to opt for. There is already a myriad of graphic designing services being operated across the world. But how do you choose the appropriate one? Should you hire a freelancer? Should you hire a design agency? Or should you hire the third option: which are affordable graphic design company.

We will elaborate on that in the following.

Freelancers vs Design Agencies


Freelancer Reliability

Hiring a freelancer comes with its fair share of challenges. There are thousands upon thousands of freelancers that come with an impressive record and glowing reviews. However, there is always an increasing possibility of hiring some shady freelancers who may take on your business and leave in the middle of the process along with your money. That risk only means that you have to do due diligence and make an extensive and time-consuming amount of research to know if your client can be held accountable or not. Unfortunately, many businesses have fallen victim to frauds posing as freelancers looking to take advantage of desperate entrepreneurs.

Design Agency Reliability

Agencies comparatively are much more trustworthy than freelancers. They have enough space with ample team members who can oversee your project. You can track down a design agency with ease. A viable agency ensures that it has the protocols in place to have a plan in their disposal whenever met with a tough project. These agencies focus on the projects in a collectivized manner as opposed to a personalized sense. Another factor must also be taken into consideration. The design agency may construct your project only once. This limits your chances for more requests and revisions thereby increasing your chances of losing money. 


Freelancer Costs

The word freelancer is sometimes misunderstood for someone who works for free. Nothing could be further from the truth in this regard. Freelancers as individuals will most certainly charge you for their services. That said, the positive aspect of their services is that they charge considerably lower than the ones charged by design agencies. They operate on their own and do not require additional monetary expenses to work on the project. Hence why most amateur or inexperienced entrepreneurs tend to seek their services especially when they have a limited budget.

Design Agencies Costs

Agencies do not consist of an individual. It is an entire industry of workers, members and administrators. When you spending on a design agency, you are spending on all the design team members overlooking your project. Naturally, they require that all their efforts be compensated in the form of capital. This is why Design Agencies charge businesses higher than freelancers. The services rendered by majority of graphic design agencies are costly and their services rarely come cheap. So, you need to have a bigger budget when you make a request for their services.


Freelancer Quality

The quality of work from a freelancer depends entirely upon their individual decision. It depends if the hired freelancers are keeping themselves up to date with the current design trends. This can prove to be troublesome especially if the freelancer’s working is limited to a specific niche. 

Projects are diverse and are meant to cater to an audience is a particular way. Hiring a freelancer to oversee such a project can be dangerous. Finding a dependable and flexible freelancer who understands your business requirements are infrequent. This is just another area where you have to do your due diligence to sort out the perfect freelancer for your project. If you locate a designer that has never worked on a project like yours. Ask him to perform the first task before moving on to another

Design Agencies Quality

When it comes to quality, design agencies have either an abundance of them or limited. It depends on the kind of design agency you hire for your project. However, they have the advantage over freelancers in the sense that they have a multitude of people overseeing the project and have a lot of resources at their disposal. Owing to their expertise combined, your final product will be produced efficiently.

Who’s the Winner? Unlimited Graphic Design Services!

With a freelancer, you have to do due diligence to hire a freelancer. With a design agency, you are left with no requests or revisions. You can leapfrog over all these hindrances and acquire yourself an unlimited graphic designing platform instead.

With their expertise, you can make unlimited design requests and revisions only for a flat monthly price. The monthly prices of unlimited graphic design services are cost effective. They are far more affordable than the standard graphic design agency. You will get a heads up from your designers throughout the process. Transparency is provided during these circumstances. The unlimited graphic design services approach their clients in a personalized manner which enables them to understand the client’s mind frames for future projects.

Unlimited Graphic Design: The Best of Both Worlds

Unlimited graphic design service embodies all the positive features of both Freelancers and Design Agencies. They are personalized, flexible and reasonably priced as a freelance service while they are transparent, accountable and they are overseen by a team of experienced experts who make the necessary corrections and editing to create the final product.  The best part about them is you can give them unlimited requests as well as revisions until the product is to your liking. That gives them superiority over both freelancing and design agencies.

You can avail the best of both these worlds in the form of Designster, the unlimited graphic design platform that has embedded every productive component of a freelance and design agency in its structure to provide you with your aesthetic project.

Author Bio:

Tabish Khalid works as the Digital Marketing Manager for Designster. He develops and implements digital strategies for Designster, along with aligning business goals with digital marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

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