You Cannot Ignore these 6 Social Media Platforms in 2020

Importance of Social Media Platforms: There was a time when people used to read books, watch television and spend the majority of the time with family but now the scenario has changed.

We are in the era of Social media where we do not just grab interesting information and memes, we also make emotional as well as business relationships through these sites.

You might not know that just in 5 years, 2 billion people started using the internet and this number is not at all taking a backward leap.

There were around 2.77 billion people using social media in the year 2019 and as the demand for social media is rising, you will see every single person scrolling Instagram stories or sharing motivational knowledge with Facebook friends in a couple of years.

Here in this write-up, you will get exceptional information on how you can market your products and reach a massive number of the target audience with social media platforms.

We have no doubt of you being socially active with global platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, obviously! Scroll down to know more!


facebook social media platform

This is one of the globally acclaimed social media sites and you will find your colleagues and even grandparents using Facebook App.

It is interesting to find that Facebook is the first social media platform to reach the mark of 1 billion users.

Well, Facebook was initially started for connecting the whole community, however, it became a popular epitome of promoting brand and products with paid Facebook ads.


whatsapp social media platform

Due to advancements in technology and for seamless communication, WhatsApp came into existence and there is not a single day we are not using it.

Whatsapp arrived later in the communication arena, but it has played a pivotal role in transforming the effectiveness of communication.

Without Whatsapp, it would have been hard for us to gossip in groups. Whatsapp call is cherry on the cake.


instagram social media platform

Instagram gave new perception in this digital world and we started expressing ourselves with the help of stories and photos.

This amazing photo-sharing social media app not just advertises the “me” side of yours but also takes your art to the global level.

Terms such as Influencer and meme become popular largely after the birth of this site. If you also have an insane number of free Instagram followers, it is possible to endorse multiple brands. Try it right now!


snapchat social media platform

If you are targeting youngsters, you are likely to have Snapchat on your phone.

You can find more teenagers using Snapchat due to its outstanding features and face filters.

So if you want to promote products related to youngsters, this is the best platform for you. Moreover, you will find behind-the-scenes videos, influencer takeovers, and break taking offers in Snapchat.


telegram social media platform

There are no major differences in Skype and Telegram as both are available across the globe in eight languages. However, you cannot deny the fact that Telegram is a top quality app in terms of privacy and security of the users.

So it helps you to exchange messages that are self-destructive and encrypted. The currently introduced feature of encryption in Whatsapp has also been there in Telegram right from its inception.


youtube social media platform

Whether you want to watch the latest videos or want to show your talent of dance to others, YouTube is your favorite friend!

YouTube came into the social arena in the year 2004 and even today you will witness the whole world using it like anything.

There are famous YouTubers who have become billionaires just by making videos, weird or sensible!

Even YouTube content is the king, so if you have a brand in 2020, you can promote it by making smart use of videos.

There are several other social media platforms such as Tiktok and LinkedIn that have transformed the way we live life and get jobs.

These social sites have the potential to change your life in a fairy tale or can also be your career destruction. So it is advisable to make smart use of technology.

When it comes to golden year “2020 and technological drift”, the day is not far when you will be able to see pictures on your palm. Virtual reality, AI and the Internet of Things are some of the best examples.

the pros & cons of social media

Even branding or digital marketing will take a new road due to the advancement of these magnificent social sites. We are already feeling this change as from kids to adults and even grandkids have this habit of scrolling!

Advantages Of Social Media [Infographic]

social media benifits

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