Top 5 Free Spy Apps For Android Without Target Phones

Spying isn’t easy. Especially if you are a parent that is looking out for his or her child, at some level you must know what’s going on in your child’s life. The same goes for corporate companies that want to tighten their security. No corporate company wants their data to be leaked by some low-level employee. They all want to secure their interests and installing spy apps is probably the way to go. However, managing to install a Free Spy Apps For Android Without Target Phones is a struggle for those who don’t know-how. Then there is the security that becomes a problem. With every technological progress, we see an upgraded and tightened security. Easy hacking is now the past. If you are a student and want to know where your friend is getting the best dissertation writing services, I think we might be able to help.

Although, the road to ethical spying is a hard one with many obstacles that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. with upgraded security that is coming with mobile phones, developers aren’t giving up. They are plenty of newly developed and efficient spying apps that are making the deed easier. In this article, we would try our best to explore the best options regarding spying and expose the truth of free spy phones without the phone you spying on.

Choosing Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phones

Top 5 Free Spy Apps You Can Use

To know what works and what doesn’t, it is necessary for us to check these apps first hand. The internet is filled with applications that are giving you the chance to spy. We have tried a substantial amount to know which ones are the best for you. However, each app comes with its own unique features. Which is why we have jotted down the top 5 for you to choose from. 

To give you the best free spy apps for android without a target phone to choose from, we have tried and tested several of them. Almost all claimed to be the best and promised to give you the best spy features on the internet. 

However, to tell you the truth, many failed to substantiate the claims they were making. One of the things we notice while checking the spy apps is that some apps asked us to complete some sort of survey while others asked us to download a third-party app beforehand. We knew something was fishy but to give the benefit of the doubt we proceeded with everything they asked. We filled the surveys and downloaded the apps only to find out that we were right about the fishy part. We started getting spam emails from the apps we filled the survey for. They wanted our information for only one purpose, to send us unsolicited emails. Lucky for us, we used a spare email account for testing. 

The same happened with the third-party apps we downloaded. To double-check before installing it on our phone, we tried scanning it on our computer and voila, it was a malicious virus. We got rid of these apps immediately.

Now, if there is something to be learned from our experiment is that you need to stay away from such apps that demand such actions from you. Don’t make the mistakes we did. We only did it so that you don’t have to do it for yourself. A good way to authenticate whether the spy app is actually legit or not is to check their website thoroughly. Read their terms and conditions, and look for reviews.

The ins and outs of free android spy app

Top 5 Free Spy Apps for android You Can Use

Another thing we did for you is digging deeper into the world of spying apps and found out some offer free trial versions. Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with free trial versions. It is actually quite feasible for customers to buy the product only after making sure it is what they are looking for.

However, as they say, there is nothing free that is going to give you the results you desired. The free trial version of those spying apps would lack the major features that will inevitably include more broadened monitoring features. If you are thinking that using free trial versions of those apps will give you the toolset to effectively spy on someone then you are wrong.

You will only benefit from a few features in the trial version, but you must buy the premium bundle to take advantage of all the essential monitoring features.

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You Can Read Texts on Target Phone

With free spy apps, you can easily avail of the feature in which you can effectively read the texts on the phone you are trying to target. Apps like mSpy, GuestSpy, and FoneMonitor give you that feature.

By using these apps, you can effectively read text messages on someone’s phone. You can even track the conversations that are happening on messaging apps.

There are many messaging apps out there like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat to name a few. If you are having doubts regarding what type of conversations are taking place on your child’s phone, you can do it by these apps.

How You Can Spy with Free Spy Applications

As we move forward, we need to unravel the truth about free spy apps for android without a target phone. If we are being 100% honest, it is quite impossible for anyone to hack or penetrate someone’s phone without getting their hands on that specific device.

It is quite clear now that you need to get your hands on the device you want to spy on. Now, if you are a parent, that job can be easy considering you can sneak at night and get your child’s phone. Let’s just say you do get your hands on the phone you are trying to target. You now need to pick one app to install in it. For this example, let’s pick TruthSpy as the app. You need to now install the app onto the phone of the person you are trying to spy on. Bear in mind, all of those apps that claim to spy on the phone without getting hands-on the target phone are not to be trusted. 

What if the Phone is Password protected?

If you want to spy on someone’s phone, you don’t want their phone to be locked and password protected. That is just one more obstacle for you to cross. Many people that are trying to spy on someone through their phone face this problem. However, there is a solution to every problem. There are many apps that can be used to bypass the lock and security code of someone’s phone.

You can use the app of your choice to bypass security on your target phone. When the task is completed and you are in the smartphone you are trying to target, install the spy app. When the installation is done, quickly head on to the settings and mask the app’s icon so that it is hidden and can run from behind.

Typically, in stealth mode, spy apps work. They are supposed to monitor the phone behavior of someone without giving them any indication about it. Parents can capitalize on this concept and, without their knowledge, install a spy app like TruthSpy on their children’s smartphones to track their behavior.

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Talented app developers have gone their way to develop the best spy app for android without target phone, giving less and less chance of getting caught by the person you are spying on. If you are a parent, you know you don’t want to be in that position because no child wants their parents snooping around. 

However, if you are that parent that shares everything and wants to let his son or daughter know about the spy app, you can do that too. But do make sure to give your child a valid excuse for doing what you are doing.

Now, the real question arises, what free spy apps to download? We have jotted down the top 5 free spy apps for android without target phones.

Top 5 Free Spy Apps You Can Use

Top 5 Free Spy Apps You Can Use

Did you ever get your hands on someone’s phone and wonder what’s inside of it? we all have been at that place where we wanted to spy on someone’s phone. Generally speaking, snooping or taking a peek at someone’s phone is considered unethical. However, there are some legit reasons for which you can spy on someone’s phone. For parents, it is essential to know what their kids are doing on the internet or their phone. Similarly, for corporate companies, the need to keep their employees in line is necessary. Let’s look at the Top 5 Free Spy Apps For Android Without Target Phones that you can use to spy on someone.

Top 5 Free Spy Apps You can use to know what is going on others Cell phones

  • FoneMonitor:
  • Guest Spy
  • mspy
  • Truthspy
  • CocoSpy


This is another web-based method of cell phone monitoring without access to the target phone. By using this you do not need to root your target cell Phone too. To spy on WhatsApp messages, read daily SMS messages, look at media files on the phone of a person, and more, you could use it. It’s impossible to detect and therefore totally untraceable. We have listed this method by using it. You can spy cell phones without accessing phones.


Not as invasive as many others, this app may be what you’re looking for. It helps you to listen to calls on the phone, but you can’t record them. You can also read text messages and monitor the location of a GPS. Guest spy provides the best way to free text message spy without installing on target phone


mSpy is a web-based tool that you can use to spy on your target phone. Your phone will not be in the equation. By using this platform, you can read call logs, history of GPS location, messages, and even snoop on their social media apps, if they have that. Read a complete review of mspy here on :


Want to listen to phone calls? Do you want to know what conversations are taking place in messaging apps? You can do all that and much more with TruthSpy. With this app, you can record calls, monitor the GPS history and location, and also browse their gallery.


There is a broad consensus that CocoSpy is probably the best free android spy app. The developers have done a great job to develop this tremendously amazing remote cell phone spy software without a target phone. The app is filled with great features. You can listen to the conversations that are taking place on calls, read their text messages, and much more. Another great feature that you can use is set-up a geofence parameter, and use that to track the location of the target. However, you need to root the target phone for this.

No matter what app you decide to download, your phone or tablet should be in full working order. You can also track if your child is using take my exam services or getting access to stuff that is not for children.

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