A Detailed Guide about Choosing a Reliable Cat Breeder

WWhen you have decided to choose a Persian cat breeder, then you need to ensure that you are buying the kitten from a responsible and reputed breeder.

Even when there are several breeders available in the market, unfortunately not all the breeders that have kittens and cats have the best interest at their heart. They mainly prioritize the business over the health of the kittens and therefore it is important to find a reliable cat breeder.

When you are new at adopting a cat, it becomes a lot easier for a cat breeder to make you understand what they want to. This is the reason why today we will have a look in detail about the car breeders just to make sure that you get the right pet. Now you can also check with cat breeders in Pune if you are looking for a healthy kitten.

What to expect from a reliable cat breeder?

TThe mandatory thing about the breeder is that they should love their cats. Unless they are passionate about their cats, they will never know about the breed in detail. Therefore make sure that they take good care of the pets. They must be knowledgeable along with can produce well-socialized and healthy kittens.

Besides, they need to have well organized and clean premises. Also, make sure that they have the time to answer the questions, as you need to ask questions and also a good breeder will also ask cross-questions if they love their pets, as they make sure that their pets maintain good health.

The breeder should never take a step back to proffer services from the experts along with always stay available for discussing the problems. Do not expect that you will take the kitten with you home, as you are likely to see them again after a few days. One such name is Mummy Cat who is one of the best cat breeders in Pune.

As they are supposed to stay with their mom for a few weeks, you will be able to take them after a few weeks. Moreover, stay sure that you have to pay non-refundable deposits.

How to plan before you visit the cat breeder?

  • Prior research: When you are looking for a cat breeder, the very initial thing that you need to do is making proper research about the breeder. Making use of the Internet, you can easily make in-depth research about the breeder and then make a choice accordingly.
  • Talk to them: When you make choices of the breeders from the internet, you will certainly keep a few options. Most of the cat breeders offer phone numbers by the side of their ads and therefore it is always a great choice to have a word with them over the phone and then confirm them about the kitten that you would like to buy.
  • Take an appointment: When you have had a word with them over the phone, the very next thing that you require doing is making an appointment. When you take an appointment and choose to visit the place, you can get a clear idea about the hygiene maintained by the breeders, the health of the kittens and much more.

Note: It is always recommended never to buy a kitten at once. It takes a lot of checks and time to comprehend whether the cat is good to take home. Therefore your purchase needs to be planned thoroughly and should be considered prior to make a firm decision. Also do not just go for one breeder. You need o check with several breeders and visit them individually before you make your choice.

What should you do when you are on the premise?

Now that you have already decided and you are at the premise, you need to check a few things in detail.

  • The very first thing after making a choice of the kitten is checking their mum. Even when you will not be able to understand if the mother has any underlying problems, even then their nature and behavior tell a lot about their health. If they are playing and tend to socialize with others, they are fit and healthy and if you find them not able to walk or socialize a lot, consider them not fit for your home.
  • You can also check their temperament. As not all the breeds are great in socializing and therefore the mum’s nature will tell a lot about the nature of the cat you are willing to buy. Since these kittens are brought up in the home where they grow with other cats and then they should be able to socialize. Hence if they are not ready to socialize, it means that they have some health issues which make them like this.
  • Check whether the kittens are kept in a clean and tidy surrounding, then only they are supposed to have fewer chances of getting any type of health problems. Moreover, such good habits become helpful for your home as well.

Questions to ask a breeder while choosing a kitten:

  • Does the kitten have any kind of health issue?

While buying a kitten, you need to make sure whether they have had any kind of health issues that had led them to check with a vet. If they were, you need to ask them to provide complete details about the treatment.

  • Whether the mother is healthy or not?

There is always a need for making sure about the mother’s health. Make sure that the mother is properly vaccinated and wormed and do not have any genetic health issues. The reason is that the chances are higher than the problems will pass n to its kitten as well.

  • Whether the kitten is de-wormed and vaccinated or not?

When you are choosing a kitten, you need to make sure that the kitten is properly vaccinated. Since the kitten needs to stay on mother’s milk for a few weeks and vaccination needs to be done as well. If the breeder has not de-wormed or vaccinated, it is better to avoid buying from them.

Well among the various other long lists of questions, these are some of the basic things that ensure the health condition of the kitten. Make sure you have asked the questions and got proper answers to that.

How to understand a healthy kitten?

  • The kitten needs to have an interest in you when you go close to them. They should not be lethargic or weak.
  • Their nose and ears should be properly cleaned and do not have any foul smell.
  • They should have clear and bright eyes without any water discharge, redness and soreness.
  • They should be healthy and not too thin that you can feel their ribs.
  • Their bottom should not have any stains and completely clean. If you find any soreness under its tail, it is a clear indication that the kitten is suffering from diarrhea.

So by now, you have got a clear idea about the best way to choose a breeder. If you are searching with Persian kittens for sale near me in Pune, then consider getting in touch with Mummy Cat. They have some of the best breeds in the best health condition. 

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